Review by James Bebbington – Team Pyranha

Obviously I will be biased towards Pyranha boats as Pyranha sponsor me but these are my actual opinions and thoughts of the boat and how I have found it over the time I have been paddling it.


I weigh about 10 stone and am 6ft tall with long legs. I managed to fit comfortably in the boat and could even move the seat 3 quarters of the way forward if I wanted (without the shock block in).

The seat is very comfy and easily adjustable. I found the backrest to be quite good in that it gave good solid support and didn’t slip underneath you, also the ratchets to tighten it were place in a very good position for you to use (on the thigh grips). The thigh grips are quite good in that you can adjust them relatively quickly with the Allen key and get a really positive hold of your thighs so you can really drive the boat. Another nice feature of the boat is the Hip-pads, they are really very comfortable and hold you nice and tightly in the boat. Overall it is very good outfitting set-up and you can get quite tight and comfy in the boat when you using the provided foam fitting kit.


Very easy to throw around, stalls well on both ends as its really stable. Floops are also pretty easy although not quite as easy as boats with shorter sterns like the Air or Kingpin.

Hole Performance

Very Retentive! Cartwheels are quite stable especially considering its length and it is certainly easy to start getting cleans as it rotates quite quickly and smoothly compared to my previous boat (the Air). Splits and other similar moves go easily too. Loops are really good in that it has bags of pop so you can get loads of Air which I like LOTS as they’re my favourite move.

Wave Performance

Really Really good. Its actually quite fast, I was on the NRA wave on Tryweryn two weeks ago I was actually able to retain the wave after spinning or Blunting which is something I was not expecting on such a fast and flushy wave. It blunts very quickly and easily mainly due to how well it releases. It also Spins very easily too. It does carve quite well but is more of a bouncing type boat. It bounces really well and high so am definitely looking forward to taking it on a bigger wave sometime.


I really like the boat, it has taken quite a bit of time to get used to as I have come from an Air which is a totally different type of boat but I am really enjoying the learning process as my skills are improving quite quickly as I am re-learning different techniques. If you are in the market for a new boat certainly check this one out, as it really is good. Make sure you demo before you buy though.