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Day: 19 September 2015

The Stu Ridley Perspective

A short while ago Stu Ridley left the UK in search of whitewater in New Zealand. Stu is currently working on a piece for Unsponsored looking at what it is like to be a kayaker emigrating into New Zealand.

The Stu Ridley Perspective

In the meantime check out a couple of short edits from Stu showing just some of the whitewater he has ran since leaving the UK.

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Astral Greenjacket 2016 – First Look

If it aint broke don’t fix it. Wise words and something that Astral have done. They’ve looked at the Astral Greenjacket 2016 and just moved it on a little adding to the design to take it up yet another notch.

Astral Greenjacket 2016 - First Look

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Great Falls Of The Potomac

Great Falls of the Potomac

Isaac Hull’s first run down the VA side of Great Falls. Nicely done.

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PeakUK Deluxe One Piece Drysuit – First Look

The PeakUK guys have released a couple of new dry suits. They have retained the zipped leg system within the range but have also introduced a pair of Dry Suits with a rear shoulder entry zip. This one being the Deluxe One Piece Drysuit.

PeakUK Deluxe One Piece Drysuit - First Look

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Perception Pescador Pro 120 – First Look

If I was ever tempted to buy a sit on top and take up fishing I think that the Perception Pescador Pro might just be the boat to do it. The new design is a real step up from previous versions.

Perception Pescador Pro 120

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