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Day: 20 June 2020

Wahoo Kickr 18 And Kickr Core Repair

Wahoo Kickr 18 Repair
Wahoo Kickr Core Repair

I have had Wahoo turbo trainers for the last few years. The first being the Kickr Snap which worked well but its resistance would fluctuate quite a bit depending on tyre pressure and air temperature.

I decided in January 2019 to get a wheel off Kickr 18 as I really like riding on Zwift and the wheel off meant that I could almost fit and forget. 

Within a couple of weeks the unit began to display the clunking and clicking that many units had suffered. The flywheel was also running with a bit of a wobble. A replacement arrived a few days after raising a support ticket and submitting a short video of the issue.

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Social Media Saturday 20 June 2020

Welcome to Social Media Saturday 20 June 2020 at Unsponsored. The site has been quiet this week due to tech issues with the HQ IT equipment, rebuilds, power cuts and more rebuilds. But we are back!

Social Media Saturday 20 June 2020


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