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Liquidlogic Braaap Vs Squirrel Vs Stomper Vs Remix

The guys over at Rokx Adventure Traders have kindly allowed the sharing of the following images on Unsponsored. The shots show the new Liquidlogic Braaap with the Squirrel, Stomper and Remix.

Thus allowing a Liquidlogic Braaap Vs Squirrel Vs Stomper Vs Remix visual comparison!

Braaap Vs Squirrel Vs Stomper Vs Remix

And the data…..

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Mamba, Recon, Stomper, Karma

Over the last month or so I have had around 30 emails asking if I could do I little comparison between these boats.


Having paddled the Liquid Logic Stomper, Wavesport Recon, Dagger Mamba and Jackson Karma over recent months I thought it would be quite good to gather a few statistics and thoughts in one place.

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Wavesport Recon 93 Vs Liquid Logic Stomper 90

I have taken some time before writing this post as I wanted the new boat syndrome to subside before putting my thoughts onto the site.

Putting my cards on the table I prefer the Recon. The reasons why follow below.


It’s fair to say that the Stomper and Recon sit firmly within the same genre and will naturally be compared and pondered over by prospective new owners. So it seems fitting to throw this post out there for the masses. For the many who have emailed me over the last couple of weeks – sorry it has taken so long. Continue reading

Liquid Logic Stomper 90 Vs Wavesport Recon 93 – Initial Look

I have had loads of questions about how the Recon 93 compares to the Stomper 90. I’m still getting my thoughts on paper ready for a new post at the weekend. But in the meantime here are a few shots showing the two boats side by side and the outfitting of the Recon.

Liquid Logic Stomper 90 For Sale

LL Stomper 90 for sale. Red/Mango Marble. Very light use. No gouges or major scratches and very few scratches overall. Almost as new.



Teesside Based (UK).

After £600 for quick sale.

More pics – http://www.flickr.com/photos/unsponsoreduk/sets/72157632741378265/

Liquid Logic Stomper Review – An Update

I thought that now would be a good time to assess where I was at with the Stomper. My Stomper is going strong however out of the other five guys who also paddle Stompers three have had to deal with damage and issues with the seat rails. To be honest all of these kayaks have been driven hard and have performed each and every time. I have repaired one of them a couple of times (did a proper job the 2nd time) and it is still going strong.

I have tweaked the outfitting a little and have produced a custom foam hip pad that hooks the top of my thigh. Additional padding around the thigh brace/hull has really helped and I find that I am able to drive the boat much harder into turns and it now even easier to boof. So all contact points are A1.

I’m still on the search for an airbag to fit in front of the fullplate footrest. These things were fairly easy to get when Prijon/Eskimo were a stronger force in the WW world.

Despite all of this the Stomper remains the boat of choice. Shane has released a short video about the seat rail issue, which I think is great. LL have stepped up and are sorting it out. If you have a LL boat then new rail inserts are available from your local Liquid Logic dealer.

Future tweaks will include a quick rack system for clipping kit in. This will be added to the rear of the seat.

Liquid Logic Stomper Repair

Thanks to a rocky ditch in Scotland and a very trusting Nathan Butler I spent a few hours this evening welding a Liquid Logic Stomper back together.

The split in the hull was fairly substantial being around 25cm long and stretched from just in front of and then under the seat. The first job was to remove the seat. This was really easy and took a couple of minutes. The parts were put safely to one side. The repair tape was removed and the split cleaned out and trimmed to expose fresh plastic.

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Liquid Logic Stomper Review

I have owned the Stomper 90 for over 6 months and now seems like a good time for an initial review.

Having been in small play boats for so long meant that getting into the stomper felt like I had bought the Ark Royal and not a kayak. That said, on the water it does not have the bad characteristics of a big boat, for example slow to turn, slow to paddle etc. It is infact very manoeuvrable.

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New Boat – Liquid Logic Stomper 90

Just picked it up today – Liquid Logic Stomper 90

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Liquid Logic Stomper 90 – nice little review


Outfitting Kayaks

From the very first moment you sit in a boat you start to get “a feel for it”, how it fits and possibly even how it may perform. As beginners we start off in boats that may be used by many different size paddlers, which results in cockpits being kept clutter free. Loose, comfortable boats feel good on flat water, but they can make leaning and bracing difficult. Once the boat is padded to provide a close, body-hugging fit that still allows for quick and easy water exits, performance can dramatically improve.

Dagger Phantom

This same rule applies to all levels of kayakers, whether they’re paddling easy whitewater, big water runs or creeks. Customised outfitting helps transfer every trace in the river’s current through the kayak’s hull to your body, helping you sense your surroundings, make critical maneuvers and maintain your balance, thus staying upright!

Since paddlers press against their boat’s inner hull with the small of their backs, butts, hips, thighs, knees and feet, it is these key areas that should be customised to match the shape and size of the paddler. To make this as easy as possible I am going to break the cockpit into a handful of sections and tailor each one to help you get the best control possible from your boat. Many boat manufacturers have really stepped up their game and are providing some excellent outfitting as standard in their kayaks. However these systems still need adapting in some way to ensure that they fit YOU correctly.

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Boat History – Update

Having had a bit of kayak geekness with Darren Clarkson-King on Facebook I was pondering over the boats that I have owned since I started paddling at the age of 11. Boat History – Update.

From 1985+:

Fibreglass Gen Purpose – Unknown make/model
Ace Swing
Prijon T Canyon
Eskimo Gambler
Pyranha Microbat 230
Prijon Avenger
Dagger Vertigo
Riot Glide (surf seat)
Necky Gliss
Riot Disco (surf seat)
Prijon Delirious
Prijon Delirium
Prijon Release
Liquid Logic Vision 56
Pyranha 4Twenty
Liquid Logic Ronin 59
Madriver Legend 15
Liquid Logic Biscuit 65
Wavesport Recon 93
Riot Glide (surf seat)
Pyranha Jed
Eskimo Topo Duo
Liquid Logic Stomper
Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel

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