Having owned at least one GoPro camera for what seems like and age. But despite this I have never owned a device used for taking “selfies”. Well that is until now. I have recently bought a GoPole Evo and have used a fair bit over the last few months.

I picked up a GoPole 66cm Evo pole a few weeks back and have been putting it through its paces.


The GoPole consists of a clear, rigid plastic tube with what is essentially and mountain bike grip and leash at one end and a GoPro compatible attachment point at the other. GoPole manufacture a range of different pole systems including number that can be extended.



66 cm long
Lightweight (113 g)
Floats Camera & Accessories
100% Waterproof (60 m)
Capture 180º POV Shots
Compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras

To be honest I thought the GoPole Evo would be a gimmicky product that would see very little use or application. I had decided to leave my main camera gear at home and use a GoPro for my main point and shoot camera for a walk in the English Lake District. As I was walking with my partner and young daughter it seemed to make sense to take this setup to get some shots of us all together.

As it turned out I managed to get a number of great shots busing the GoPole Evo . I had no issues getting the camera to shoot and get everyone in frame. I used the GoPro on the multi shot setting with 30 frames being shot within one second. In some cases the angle of the shot has added a new dimension to my photography and due to the lack of view finder, randomness of lining up the shot brought back the excitement of waiting to see what you managed to shoot. On returning home I was pleasantly surprised about what had been achieved. The 66cm non-adjustable pole remains sable at arms length and weighs barely anything. Straight from shot one I managed to get the angle right so the pole etc never managed to find its way into shot.


Everything feels pretty well put together and made from robust materials. The pole is also supposed to be fully waterproof but I have not tested this as yet. The big negative is that you do need to remove the camera housing from the QR foot in order to attach it to the pole. Not a great deal of hassle and is a simple enough job but I do feel that there are a number of ways of achieving this.