I was hooked up with a pre-production prototype of the new large Pyranha 9R. The boat is essentially the same as the production model with the exception of some of the Connect outfitting. The new Connect C4S outfitting system sounds pretty good, and we’ll have further details on this next week at Paddle Expo.

Pyranha 9R Large - First Look

Now if you were to sit this 9R large (9R L) next to the already released model it would be very clear that the 9R L isn’t simply a scaled up version of its little brother.

Pyranha 9R Large - First Look

Pyranha have spent a fair bit of time looking at the performance of the smaller model and have significantly changed the profile of the kayak in a number of key areas to produce this version.


Volume 340 litres/90 gals (US)
Length 272cm/8ft 11″
Width 68cm/26.7″
Weight 22.7kg/50lbs
Optimum Paddler Weight 75-125kg/165-275lbs

The most noticeable change is the shape of the stern. The grab handle has been moved to the very end and the scoop usually associated with the grab handle has essentially gone. The drain bung now sits on the side which will make it easier for paddlers who carry the boat on their right shoulder to drain. Make of that what you will.

Pyranha 9R Large - First Look

Other changes at the stern can be seen including a revised rocker and slight V at the very rear. It can just be seen in the images below but is far more evident in real life.

Pyranha 9R Large - First Look

unsponsored_pyranha_9r_large 150

The aim is for the stern of the 9R L to be more that little bit more responsive making turning much easier. The rocker at the front is fairly significant. Add in the bow fins (aka Wave Deflectors) and you have a design that should be pretty nippy on the turn and will ride high over stoppers and such like.

Pyranha 9R Large - First Look

The hull is planning with relatively soft edges and combined with the rocker/wave deflectors should mean that the 9R L will surf with the best of them.

The production boat will feature a couple more additions. On the front deck there will be some fitting to help keep the bow foam buoyancy block in place and will also have a system that will allow the secure attached of a action camera mount. You can see the area that will be used just behind the front grab handle.

The other notable change is a much needed update to the Connect outfitting system. This will include what Pyranha are calling the Stout seat.

unsponsored_pyranha_9r_large 148

The 9R L feels damn light on the shoulder. The new outfitting, Connect C4S with the Stout seat, will no doubt add some weight but as it stands it is very impressive for such a large boat.