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Rolling Your Straps

It turns out I’ve been doing this in completely the wrong way for the last 30+ years.

Have you been getting it wrong as well?

How do you go about Rolling Your Straps? Let us know in the comments section below.

One Strap?

How many straps do you use to tie your boat on to the car? Are you a One Strap kind of paddler?

One Strap
One strap or two?
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Black Rapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap – First Look

Since making a move to a new Nikon Camera five years ago I have been using Black Rapid camera straps. The strap of choice to date has been the RS Sport 2 camera strap. The strap is designed to be worn across the body and allows the camera to be carried to the side yet be easily brought up to the eye to take photos. The big advantage of such a system is that the shoulders take the weight of camera gear rather than the neck. I have found this to be a really critical factor when I have been taking photos at an all day event.

Black Rapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap - First Look

The RS Sport 2 has performed faultlessly over the last few years. The Sport strap has been recently updated with a new profile and new materials therefore we have just made the switch to the new Sport Breathe.

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Palm Straps – 2016

I am a big fan of the colour coded straps from Palm Equipment. Palm have upgraded the system for 2016 by incorporating a rubber cover onto the metal buckle.

Palm Straps 2016

The three colour codes still remain:

Red = 3.5m
Blue = 4.5m
Yellow = 5.5m

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