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Fall and Rise: Jason’s Story

A C&K film detailing Jason Craig’s trying and inspiring recovery.

Visit Canoe & Kayak.

Black Witch Neoprene Glue

This has to be a must buy for any paddler. The Black Witch glue is perfect for repairing rips, tears and nicks in spraydecks, wetsuits etc. I always have a tube kicking round just in case and have in the past made some substantial repairs to a couple of my Playboater decks.

Black Witch Neoprene Glue

Once open the glue within the tube can go off fairly quickly. Keeping it cool (even in the fridge) can help prolong its shelf life.

Black Canyon The Next Generation

Currently on test ready for review – June 2012

Reviews of the following kit will be appearing on the site over the next few weeks:

Petzl Myo XP headtorch
Ortlieb Camera Bag
Watershed Camera Bag
Sandiline Socks Skin 05
Jackson Zen
Pyranha Jed (Large)
Howies Merino Thermals

Level Six Pro-Guide Shorts — Review

I’m fortunate enough to be one of the few people around and abouts the place that has got hold of some of the level6 gear and have to say I love it.

The range is designed by boaters for boaters, but with a strong emphasis on style and quality, but it doesn’t stop there. The gear is all VERY well thought about too.

When worn, to the outsider these look like a real nice pair of board shorts. Great length, colour, shape, style that would be as at home at HPP as it would on Fistral, Golds or Port Talbot. The lace-up waist band teamed with solid velcro fly allow for a snug fit. BUT, this is not where the shorts’ end. Underneath the outer is a liner made of the same material as the above slippers. A close fitting silver lycra/neoprene. Not the silver looped fleece this time but a cropped black flock lining to the silver, making these super comfortable and, again, almost totally impenetrable by wind, water and cold. The shell aids in this due to the great wicking and dispensing nature, not to mention the wind-resistance. Flat-locks and double stitching throughout makes them tough and durable. All in all a great pair of shorts. Be sure to get the right size as the velcro fly is cleverly designed to open both the shell layer and the liner layer, meaning if you’re a bit tubby (or too well endowed ) for the shorts, there’s risk of your modesty (or that of others) being comprimised I’d have no problem wearing these to the beach for surfing, or strutting at Howsham weir in the middle of winter.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the range from Level Six. I understand the full catalogue is going to be on our shores soon after the new year.

Happy Paddling


Level Six Fonz Cag – Review

This cag is extremely light offering great flexibility and freedom in the boat, it also is rather breathable, stopping you get hot and sweaty on those hot summer days, with the good neoprene seals on the cuffs and neck was surprisingly dry for a single layer cag. However for those who just want to brown your arms there is a short sleeve version available.

Even during wet cold blustery days the cag offered decent protection keeping you dry and warm. Given the extra freedom it offers, it will be interesting how far into the winter it can be used.

One extra advantage is that the cag’s material is very water repellent shedding water within just a few shakes, this means the cag dries very quickly and means you can have a morning session and the cag would be dry within an hour. Meaning you get dry kit for the next session.

Attention to detail on ALL level six kit is superb, the taping and stitching on the seams is just flawless. The cag uses a double strap system to tighten the waste giving a comfortable yet watertight seal between you, the deck and the cag. A key pocket is also located in the chest area, but made accessible when wearing a BA.

Overall the cag is a delight to wear, and would be ideal as a spring/summer/autumn cag, and as it has a neoprene style seal, makes neck rash a thing of the past.

More information on the entire Level six range available at;


Jules H

My new GoPro

My GoPro Hero 2 arrived today. It’s joined my now growing collection of GoPro cameras.

The aim over the next few weeks is to try a few multiple angle shots from multiple cameras. The suction cup mount is definitely a great resource to have.

My current GoPro Setup.

Immersion Research Double D Drysuit – Review

It will become very apparent over the next few weeks that I have a lot of Immersion Research kit. The main reason for this is because it fits me really well. All manufacturers “cut” their kit slightly differently and it just happens that IR is bang on for me.

After well over 25 years of paddling I finally saved up enough cash to buy a drysuit. Out of the crop of drysuits available at the time only the IR Double D was really meeting my needs – Breathable, Socks, Latex seals (neck & wrists), no brass zip, subtle colours!

I ordered the suit via the Immersion Research EU site. The suit landed direct from the factory via Glasgow (it was already in the UK when I ordered it = no import duty) at the start of last winter when I was working on getting my river mojo back. As a result the suit has been “Fully” tested.

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Pyranha Burn Repair

I spent a couple of hours last night repairing a Pyranha Burn. The boat is around 6 months old and looks it. Very little wear for a creek boat. The split was under the seat and approximately 20cm long.



The repair feels and sounds solid.

Nookie Paddle Bag

I have had this Nookie paddle bag for around 7 years. It is absolutely bombproof. It is used primarily to protect my car from my paddles, but has also been used occasionally to protect my paddles from enthusiastic baggage handlers.

The bag is made from tough Cordura type material and features a large full length zip. This makes using the bag very easy. A clear document holder for ID is provided along with a mesh panel pocket. The bag came supplied with a shoulder strap but in all honesty this is something that I have never used.

Nookie Paddle Bag

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Got to keep this little guy happy

GoPro Instructions

The final bit of outfitting for my new Pyranha Jed was a GoPro guide sticker.

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