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Wavesport Ethos

The Ethos is Wavesports take on the cross-over line of kayaks that includes the very successful Liquidlogic Remix XP series. The Ethos has been getting a great deal of positive press and on the face of it looks like a really nice boat.

North East Kayaks and Paddles

I travelled just under two hours North for the official opening of North East Kayaks and Paddles. When you travel so far to a store you hope that the range of stock is up to scratch and that your journey hasn’t been wasted. This was certainly the case today. Loads of kit from Palm, PeakUK, Nookie, HF, Werner, Robson, Dagger, Pyranha, P&H, Wavesport, Liquid Logic, Sweet, Shredready plus lots more. There seemed to be plenty of stock and a wide range of sizes and colours. Here are a few shots from today.

The image below shows owner Jonathan Priest with Pyranha founder & owner Graham Mackereth .

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Wavesport Recon

I travelled just under two hours North for the official opening of North East Kayaks and Paddles (more on that in another post). Tom from Wavesport was there with one of the handful of final prototype Wavesport Recons currently in existence.

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Peli SD Card Case

Just picked up one of the Peli 0915 memory card cases.

Case Features Include:

Water resistant seal
Stores 8 SD and 16 Mini-SD memory cards (not included)
Removable insert liner absorbs shock and protects memory cards
Made of tough Polycarbonate resin

The case is as well built as all other Peli products. Waterproof rating is IPX4 which is essentially splash proof and can hadle being out in the rain. If dropped in the water the chances are the case will leak.

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GoPro and Gorilla Pod

After getting hold of a new Gorilla Pod a few weeks ago I have had a chance to have a mess around with it today. This Pod has magnetic feet which increases the number of ways it can be used.

To use the Gorilla Pod I have attached a Mount Star GoPro QR mount. This allows the GoPro to be swapped from mount to mount without having to take it apart to use GoPro’s own tripod mount system.

More GoPro Stuff from Unsponsored can be found here.

Wavesport Ethos

Wavesports new crossover kayak – the Ethos.

GoPro Hero 3

Hot on the heals of the Wifi App comes the new GoPro Hero 3. The camera specs show that it is yet another leap forward in the action camera market.

More GoPro Stuff from Unsponsored can be found here.

Northeast Kayaks & Paddles – New Shop Official Opening

Great new shop up in Amble. I’ll be there at some point over the weekend.

Northeast Kayaks & Paddles New shop will Officialy be opened by Graham Mackereth (Pyranha founder/owner) on the 20th of October at 1pm.

Please all come along and enjoy our food and drink and get 15% off all MRRP on the day, we will be open 9am till 9pm on the day, also demos available on Valley and Northshore sea kayaks as well as many others, Hope to see everyone on the day if not before.

Northeast Kayaks & Paddles
The Blue Building
Coquet Enterprise Park
NE65 0PE
01665 714039

Riot Helmet

Stumbled upon these images from a few years ago. This helmet has to be one of my favourite bits of kayak kit.

Unfortunately I sold it !

British Universities Kayaking Expedition – Fancy having a go?

Deadline for uniyaker is this Monday 15th October! Check out the website for details, then get typing!


Are you a student who likes boating? Fancy heading off on a big expedition with like-minded people?

Send in your application to the British Universities Kayaking Expedition 2013!

Share this on facebook, club websites and forums, spread the word!

Tyne Tour – 1998

This is an article I had published in Canoeist Magazine in Feb 1999. Enjoy…..

It had to be done; it was Tyne Tour time again and I was packed ready for a quick escape from work. As always, the South and North Tyne, as well as the Allen were open and after so much rain there had to be a shed load of water. How wrong can a paddler be? Absolutely unbelievable as only four days earlier the North Tyne had been on yellow flood alert but the big wtaer had long since gone, although the now average water levels proved to be more than a match for the procession of paddlers swimming down the now notorious Wardens gorge (not really notorious but it makes the swimmers feel better; you know who you are and cramp is no excuse). Continue reading

GoPro Wifi App

The long awaited App for the GoPro Wifi Bac is now avilable on iTunes. The App is free but requires you to have a GoPro Hero 2 and Wifi Bacpac kit or a Hero 3 (Wifi is built in). A firmware update is required before you attempt to connect the App.

With the GoPro App you can now control your GoPro camera remotely using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Features include: full control of all camera settings; live, remote viewfinder/preview of your iPhone/iPod or iPad for easy shot framing, and more.

In my case I have connected my iPhone to the camera so will refer to iPhone throughout this write up with the understanding that other iOS devices can be connected.

To connect the iPhone to the GoPro I switched on the GoPro/Bacpac and navigated to the Wifi settings on the camera menu and selected the Phone/Tablet option. On my iPhone I went to settings, switched on the Wifi and connected to the GoPro Wifi network. A password is requested. The default password is “goprohero”.

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