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Sneaky Peak – Green Cotic Soul

My new green Cotic Soul frame has almost been built up. Just the front mech to be tweaked and it is ready to roll.

Here are a couple of images to show off this awesome colour.



2013 Paddlesports Buyers Guide

This landed on the door mat today.


Wet Winter on Vancouver Island

In 2008 I spent a few weeks in British Columbia, Alberta and Vancouver Island. Quite simply it’s an awesome place in every sense of the word.

This video from Raphaël Boudreault-Simard and Gabriel Côté-Valiquette is well worth watching.

Wet Winter on Vancouver Island from Quebec Connection on Vimeo.

Substantial TV EP. 2 “BC,EH!”

Substantial TV EP. 2 “BC,EH!” from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.

Pyranha Nano – Review

Over the last couple years UK based Pyranha have brought out a number of top class high performing boats including the Shiva creeker and Jed playboat. There has been a great deal of interest in the new Nano since the first images started to emerge late last year.

Pyranha Nano - Review

From Pyranha:

The Nano is a short creek boat with a playful nature, it has influences from Shiva, Jed and Burn make for a super maneuverable, compact creeker with the ability to run harder lines as well as open up play potential.

Aspiring creekers will find the Nano stable, easy to roll and playful enough to enjoy river features.
Experienced boaters will get big fun in a small package

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Rescue for River Runners

Jim Coffey posted a link to this video in a comment on my Pin Kit post. The video series is superb and is well worth watching.

R3 Rescue for River Runners: Episode 1 – Getting Started from Five2Nine on Vimeo.

Unsponsored Q&A Series – Jim Snyder

Jim Snyder is a squirt boating innovator, legend, founder and developer. He has been at the forefront of both boat and paddle design for decades. I am a huge fan of Jim’s boat designs and own all of his books (all kayakers could learn a great deal from the squirt boating world). It is therefore a great honour to have Jim take part in the Unsponsored 2013 Q&A series.

Tell us a little a bit about you accomplishments in the canoeing/kayaking world.

I began paddling in 1965. I was a raft guide for 19 years including being one of the original guides on the Upper Yough. I was a steep creek pioneer with numerous first descents in this area including 686 fpm Quarry Run in 1977 and 500 fpm, Elsey Run in 1979, and (~370 fpm) Red Run around the same time. I was an early kayak designer creating the first American ‘short’ commercially produced kayak (in glass) – the “Slice” in 1981 (3 meters long). Continue reading

One day in Iceland

A fantastic piece of editing, well worth the watch. Can’t believe it was that long ago.

One Day In Iceland Trailor from Wide Eyed Kayaking on Vimeo.

Knots Kayakers Should Know

Number 1:

Double Fishermans

DSC02761 Continue reading

One for the Books…Little Stoney, VA

ThePaddler Ezine Jan 13

It’s out now.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 18.45.01

Well worth checking out. Screenshot of my first look at the new Pyranha Nano shown above.

Truth From The Charge

Part I

Part II

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