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MYOG – Split Paddles Part I

If you ever need to call upon the set of spare (split) paddles stored in the back of your kayak the chances are that it must have got a bit fierce for you to lose/damage your normal set. If that is the case your spare set must me up to the job. Having an inferior set of spare paddles may not be the best idea. However shelling out hundreds of £’s on a fancy set of splits is quite painful on your wallet. Now and again you can find split paddles on ebay.

A couple of months ago I started a search for a suitable paddle to modify into a set of splits. The tools for the job were assembled. 1 x saw, 1 x tube clamp/cut guide, 1 x tape measure, 1 x Vernier gauge (everyone should have one these!).

MYOG - Split Paddles Part I

Today I spent a few minutes taking the care of creating my own spare set of paddles. This started by cutting a perfectly good set of Werner Wenatchee in half. The Wenatchee design is a superb symmetrical blade made by Werner in the late 90’s/early 00’s. This set cost £40 a few weeks ago.

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Reader’s Rides 2013 – Dale Mears

Name: Dale Mears
Country: England

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 16.40.27

I am a member of team wavesport here in the UK and a keen paddler of both freestyle and river running. I am a secondary school teacher so manage to hold a successful career and paddle. I think for all you young guns out there it is just as important to have a back up in life in case anything happens or you become injured. I am also a keen photographer both water based and off the water check out my photos here Continue reading

Kayaking In The Sun

All images taken with a Nikon D5100 and 18-105mm Nikkor AF-S.

Reader’s Rides 2013 – Ben Johnston

Name: Ben Johnston
Location: Carlisle, Cumbria, UK.


Kayak – Zeroattivo Orgasmo – fast boat, sharp edges, not best looking outfitting but super comfy and simple, not yet fully used only had 1 month (been on river 3 times). Continue reading

Kayaking Makes You Happy

kayaking makes you happy from Dumoulin mathieu on Vimeo.

Katya: One Day in the new Palm Swirl

Katya: One Day in the new Palm Swirl from James Bebbington on Vimeo.

Reader’s Rides 2013 – Gavin Hart

Name: Gavin Hart
Location: England

Student studying BA (Hons) Adventure and Media @ University of Cumbria

Fluid Detox M, Werner Desperados, Sweet Rocker, Yak Koast, Sweet Shadrach, Level 6 Reign, Delta Shock Deck, Adidas Sick Line Boat Shoes, 15m Throwline, FA kit.

Currently an intermediate boater in a game of catch up. I’m striving to progress my paddling so I can keep up with my friends and aim in the future to be able to hold my own on harder whitewater whilst getting great photography and video too.

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Reader’s Rides Series 2013

This is your chance to get some of your own images and words on Unsponsored. I’m running a series that will showcase the kit that boaters just like you are using – Readers Rides.


The format will be as follows:

At least one image of the Reader and their Ride
Name of the Reader
A list of kit currently being used – boat(s), paddle, helmet, dry gear, PFD, safety kit, footwear etc…
Detail of how often the kit has been owned and what kind of use it gets
Details of what is particularly good or bad about the kit – it’s design, fit, robustness etc. You can focus on all of your kit or just a small selection.

Images and words should be sent via email to phil ATTTT unsponsored DOTTT co DOTTT uk

Please keep it kayak related!

A couple of examples – Callum Strong, Ben Johnston

Reader’s Rides – Darren Clarkson-King

Country – Wales and Nepal


I have a few sets of gear at the moment, I use a Mamba in Wales and a Phat, Everest or Remix in Nepal. I have a Gus in India and an RPM. I use a Jimi Styx on soul days, and use Lightning Gradients on expeditions (200). I wear a Sweet Wanderer on creeks and a Strutter in the sun/cruise days. Sweet drytop/pants and base layers. Chaco footwear, IR pogies in the cold. Snap Dragon/Playboater/IR/Palm skirt depending on boat. Pfd, I have a Langer AKC shape in Nepal, Nookie in UK, Peak in UAE and a Stolquist in India. I also have a Hydraulics. As for safety kit. I always carry 2 throw bags, a waist mounted Salamander or NRS Guide along with a longer line in my boat. All my lines are stripped and have Krabs and prussiks as part of the system held within.

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Reader’s Rides 2013 – Kirstie Macmillan

Name: Kirstie Macmillan (Kmac)
Location: Scotland


Above: Falls of Feugh, Banchory

Current Kit: Wavesport Diesel 65/Wavesport EZG 50, Playboater Workdeck, Werner Sherpa 191, Sweet Wanderer, Palm Naiya Cag and Sidewinder Pants, Astral Bella, Palm 15m throwline, Palm Granites/Lomo boots. Continue reading

Always Good To Have A Little Reminder

It’s super important that not only should you be carrying the correct kit you should also know how to use it. Get the kit and learn how to use it. These guys have done both of these things.

Pin Kit/Rescue Kit – Throwbags

Wave Sport Core Whiteout Outfitting Overview

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