Name: Ben Johnston
Location: Carlisle, Cumbria, UK.


Kayak – Zeroattivo Orgasmo – fast boat, sharp edges, not best looking outfitting but super comfy and simple, not yet fully used only had 1 month (been on river 3 times).

Paddle- Select pulse 195/30degree/cranked – great blades powerful although possibly buying now ones soon. Used half a year.

Deck – Immersion Research Lucky Charm

BA – stohlquist decent – 2nd hand good condition only used 2 months replacement for my Palm Amp. Still yet to decide on what’s better.

Drysuit – Typhoon – 3rd hand, well used but still strong and dry (except neck seal needs to be replaced)

Safety kit:

– HF weasel – quick to hand throw bag
– Palm Alpine – lowering/climbing boats and paddlers, unpinning boats
– 3 x screw gate carabiners
– 2 x tape
– first aid kit – never been used
– emergency shelter – never been used
– phone – never needed to be used on river

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