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Spraydecks – Getting The Right Fit

Getting a spraydeck that fits you and your boat is crucial if you want to keep the water out. All boats are different and all decks are different, so it’s important to do a little research on what deck fits your boat the best.

One of my favourite resources is Skirt Fit. It is an online database that contains most of the popular boats and decks that are currently on the market. It is well worth checking out.


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Backyard Boulevard

Unsponsored’s little brother has been at it again. Check out the latest video from River Militia.

Backyard Boulevard from THE RIVER MILITIA on Vimeo.


I suspect the Palm FX PFD will be quite popular! Looking forward to trying one out.


Titan Genesis in Chile

Titan Genesis in Chile from Titan Kayaks on Vimeo.

Cheoah and the Tugalo Challenge

2013 US Kayak/Canoe Freestyle Team

K1 Men – Bryan Kirk, Jason Craig, Eric Jackson (Jackson Kayak), Clay Wright (Jackson Kayak), Mike Patterson, Dane Jackson (Jackson Kayak).

K1 Women – Haley Mills, Adriene Levknecht (Liquid Logic), Elaine Campbell (Wavesport)

K1 Junior Women – Rowan Stuart, Kady Kellogg, Lauren Ryan

K1 Junior Men – Alec Voorhees, Hunter Katich, Bennett Smith

C-1 – Dane Jackson (Jackson Kayak), Jordan Poffenberger, Seth Chapelle, Tad Dennis

OC-1 – Jordan Poffenberger, Dane Jackson

Mamba, Recon, Stomper, Karma

Over the last month or so I have had around 30 emails asking if I could do I little comparison between these boats.


Having paddled the Liquid Logic Stomper, Wavesport Recon, Dagger Mamba and Jackson Karma over recent months I thought it would be quite good to gather a few statistics and thoughts in one place.

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Mount Star GoPro Mounts

Using a GoPro can mean that your camera angles are pretty much the same – from the helmet or from your boat. Sometimes the best shots are those that rely on the camera being on the bank, on a bridge or on a paddle. But at the same time you don’t want to be hauling a great pile of kit that takes ages to set up. In my boat a carry a small GoPro roll bag that contains a few bits and bobs for my GoPro while I am on the river. This includes spare cards, battery and a gorilla pod. Small tripods are super useful but you need a way of attaching your GoPro camera to them.


Image above shows the Mount Star mount rigged up as part of a zip line wire system.

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GoPro Hero3 Drought Breaker – Flood Kayaking in the Kaimai Ranges, NZ

Ben Brown took part in the Unsponsored Q&A series a little while back. Check out his Q&A here.

GoPro Hero 3 – Freeze, Crashing Problem

I own a couple of GoPro Hero 3’s including Black and Silver editions. All have been updated with the latest firmware. I always format the card and take one photo before using auto update on the GoPro support site. Not following the instructions to the letter can lead to your GoPro not being updated correctly/fully.

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Sperry Top Sider- Home Sweet Home

More Pyranha

There seems to be a Pyranha theme developing! My thoughts on the old school new school Pyranha Loki will be in next months The Paddler magazine.


The Paddler is an online magazine that covers all aspects of paddle sports. Best of all it’s free!

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