Getting a spraydeck that fits you and your boat is crucial if you want to keep the water out. All boats are different and all decks are different, so it’s important to do a little research on what deck fits your boat the best.

One of my favourite resources is Skirt Fit. It is an online database that contains most of the popular boats and decks that are currently on the market. It is well worth checking out.


From time to time you may end up with a deck that is super hard to get onto your boat. Sometimes this could be a two or three man job to man handle the deck into place. In such cases you can make things easier by stretching the deck. Step 1 is to get the deck wet, really wet. Dunking it in a bucket of clean water for a little while is ideal. Step 2 get the deck on the boat and leave it in place for 24hrs. If still too tight for one person to put on repeat steps 1 and 2.