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Day: 23 May 2013

Wavesports New Carbon Playboat

Looks quite nice!

Wavesport Carbon Playboat

Wavesport Carbon Playboat

Uisge Beatha – ‘Lively Water’

Uisge Beatha – ‘Lively Water’ from Ed Smith on Vimeo.

River Swale

River Swale from Dave Wortley on Vimeo.

Dagger GT

The Dagger GT is a classic river kayak. It is both stable and forgiving but at the same time can be pushed a little and will happily surf (and spin) all day long. The GT has great forward speed which allows the paddler to punch through waves/stoppers and across chewy eddy lines.

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Mczilla – Tricky – Loop

Mczilla – Tricky – Loop from on Vimeo.

A great show of skills from Bren Orton.

The A5 Project – A Little Tickler

The A5 Project – A little tickler from Tom Laws on Vimeo.

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