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Day: 31 May 2013

Shorttrip to Lofer

Shorttrip to Lofer from Moritz Koether on Vimeo.

The Heist

The Heist from OGP Productions on Vimeo.

Looking After Your Drysuit

It’s hit the time of year here in the UK that it is time to put the drysuit away and dig the shorts out. It’s been a long and wet winter/spring so the kit has taken a fair bit of abuse.

Looking After Your Drysuit

I’m currently the proud owner of a Palm Spark Surface Immersion suit. When I say proud I mean it. However you need to look after your gear if you want it to last as long as possible. Leaving good gear in a damp state in the back of the car or in the bottom of a gear bag is not going to help it survive.

The suit has been a superb choice and has served me well over the last year+. It’s now time to get it ready for storage.

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Dagger Kayaks: Katana – A Leader in Crossover

Jackson All Star 2010 – Review

When the Jackson All Star made its debut at the Teva Games it stormed onto the podium with paddlers Stephen Wright with record high freestyle score of 1310 points, followed by Nick Troutman on 1295, and Dustin Urban on 1040.

unsponsored_all_star (1)
Jackson All Star 2010 – Review

The All Star range from Jackson Kayaks has probably been the most popular design of park and play kayaks over the last couple of years. 2013 has seen a major update in the design but plenty of pre-2013 boats can still be found.

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The Creation Of TiTS DEEP

The Creation of TiTS DEEP from Airborn Athletics on Vimeo.

Old School Series – Liquid Logic Big Wheel

The Liquid Logic Big Wheel belongs to the same family as the Liquid Logic Scooter.

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The Green Truss – Substantial TV

The Green Truss – Substantial TV from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.

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