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Day: 5 July 2013

Kayak Europa 3.0 Teaser Trailer #2

Norway – The Trip Continues

The past few days have been spent slowly making our way over towards Sjoa. Valldal turned out to be completely dry and even the low water runs were pretty empty so we made a quick getway from there.



Highlights would be the Bygdelva racecourse section although Sandra took a beat down and swim in a horrible slot like drop. Also the Upper Rauma, as well as the drive which has provided some amazing scenery.


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Made in Canada: The Teaser

The Made in Canada series from NRS and Five2Nine Productions takes you on a locals-only tour of classic Canadian whitewater kayaking runs. Made in Canada: The Teaser introduces Part 1 of the series, which focuses on three quintessential Quebec rivers, the Neilson, the Taureau and the Magpie.

Norway – The Road Trip

Okay so Saturday was actually our last day in Voss after we decided to hang around so that Sandra could do the boater X race. We knew that with her big guns and river racing tekkers that she would have no problem claiming a few prizes. Unfortunately the sneaky organisers saw her coming and added an upstream gate into the mix and even after some nice words of encouragement from us on the bank, that went a bit like “Sandra thou art paddling shit, go faster” she failed to catch the eddy. However she did come 3rd winning a lovely towel. Jenny won though so all is good.

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