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Day: 10 January 2014

2013 Palm Rescue Waist Belt And Other Throwlines

I have been asked a few times about whether or not the Palm Rescue Waist Belt and Zambezi Utility Belt will accept throw lines/bags from other manufacturers.

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Grizedale Beck Pin To Swim, To Unpin.

Things can go wrong. When they do it’s important to have the skills, kit and quick reaction to deal with it. This great video from Liam Chambers shows just how important this is.

Grizedale Beck pin to swim, to unpin. from Liam Chambers on Vimeo.

Sometime about 18 months ago we were waiting for rivers to come up in the lakes and went to this, adamant to get on and paddle some for the sake of paddling myself and Greg ran the entry falls to the main slide.

Was it worth it? No. Was that safety course worth it? Yes. Could it have gone worse? Almost definitely. Here’s what happened.

Filmed using Nick Woodman’s finest.

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