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Home Paddling – Upper Tarn And Dourbie

Let’s offer ourself 2 sweet minutes of awesome local creeking. Boats: Jackson kayak Zen and Karma.

Home paddling-Upper Tarn and Dourbie from Dumoulin mathieu on Vimeo.

Shaws Bridge Slalom Kayak Session

Shaws Bridge Slalom Kayak Session from PinkBoat Productions on Vimeo.

Managed to sort my Hedcamz camera for the front of the boat during a speed tech session at shaws bridge. Here be the results!
For more from Pinkboat productions go to

Lammeröfen With Liquidlogic Remix

Lammeröfen with Liquidlogic Remix from Philipp Brunner on Vimeo.

Another day with Max Eberl and Thomas Engels in Austria.

8 wonderful runs on the Lammer gorge at ~ 70cm – nice river, sweet weather & a quick, super boat !

For the last run, we only needed 6min 29sec.

Thanks !

Boulters Weir

BOULTERS from Dave Wortley on Vimeo.

Boulters wave on the River Thames at high water during the floods of 2014.

Top level is 0
Bottom level 3.25

All 6 gates open, river dropping with Jubilee River closing.

On Our Own – 2013 Season Recap

I’ve been following the Quebec Connection for some time. The video work they have been publishing is superb. Here is their recap of the 2013 season.

On our own – 2013 season recap from Quebec Connection on Vimeo.

2013 has been an incredible season for us. We had a LOT of fun on & off the river. A lot of ideas / projects were concretized and we just kept doing what we love. So, here is our annual season wrap up. Hope you’ll enjoy it and learn to know us a bit better! Wish you all a memorable and stout 2014 season and see ya’ll here in spring! Woooop!

Knots You Should Know

Number 1:

Double Fishermans

DSC02761 Continue reading

Demshitz On West Virginia’s Cranberry Creek

Demshitz on West Virginia’s Cranberry Creek from David Fusilli on Vimeo.

This is basically a new run that was recently found, cleaned out and paddled by Shane Groves and John Moore. There are mainly slides on this run with one tricky little 8 footer. It gave myself and Josh a little trouble. It’s a really good run the bummer of the whole deal is that the water is really dirty. It is literally feed from parking lots up in Beckley and at least two water treatment plants run into the Cranberry. Wear plugs!! The Cranberry then feeds into the PIney river. This is pretty good class 3 with a maybe 3 bigger drops. Piney then feeds into the New where we took out.

Carnage On Stock Ghyll

Matthew Carey and Vin Baker check out Stock Ghyll here in the UK. Good water levels a good level carnage. Happily all paddlers are safe and well. Enjoy.

carnage on stock ghyll from matthew carey on Vimeo.

1500 Posts

Another milestone on the site. This is the 1500th post!


Many thanks for the continued support.

Titan Kayaks – Reactor Outfitting

As yet I haven’t seen any Titan designs in the flesh but would certainly like to try a couple of the boats out. Below is a video from Titan showing the Reactor Outfitting system.

Reactor Outfitting from Titan Kayaks on Vimeo.

Jackson Kayak’s – Karma RG

The Karma is currently being developed into two longer boats. The Unlimited which is a creek racer (think Dagger Green boat) and the Karma RG (Rock Garden) which is being developed primarily for sea use.

Sean Morley tests an early prototype of Jackson Kayak’s new ocean play boat the Karma RG at Point Bonita, California, 02/16/2014.

LVM States Series – Idaho!

LVM (Lunch Video Magazine) was a superb outfit of paddlers publishing DVDs showing paddling exploits from around the world. Sadly LVM stopped producing videos back in 2011 or there abouts. I found this little excerpt on Vimeo in John Weld’s (Immersion Research) video library.

LVM States Series- Idaho! from John Weld on Vimeo.

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