Titan Kayaks have recently launched the new Yantra 8’5″ whitewater kayak.

Titan Kayaks - Yantra

If you’re looking for a great all round boat this new year look no further!

Speed, forgiving sides, semi planning hull with a staggered rail giving rails to carve without the edge to bite.

We’re also now using a new Super Linear HDPE plastic formula thats now even stiffer and more impact resistant.

Also featuring the newly updated lighter and stronger 2016 Reactor Outfitting which focuses on supporting a large surface area of the hull while also distributing your weight into the rails of the boat for more control and stability.

The 8’5″ joins the smaller 7’9″ and 8’2″ within the Yantra range, with the 8’2″ being replaced by the 8’5″. In interestedly Anthony Yap has let me know that a 9′ version may well be on its way!