A blunt is a dynamic move using the corner or shoulder of a wave which involes a 180 degree rotation with the stern of your boat being elevated and is often characterised with a spray of water being created as the stern whips round. You’ll need to find a half decent wave that has a good amount of speed, the faster and steeper the wave the easier the move will be. As will the “carve ability” of your boat.

Firsly you’ll need to get established surfing on a wave. As you’re surfing position your self at the top of the wave and begin to carve/accelerate down the face – speed is key. As you feel your boat begin to carve aggressively you’ll need to “cut-back”, to do this shift all of your weight in the opposite direction and put in a heavy reverse stroke on the same side that you have just thrown your weight to. This should cause the boat to do a 180 rotation and lift the stern of the boat in the air . Timing and edge control are really the key to this move. The more you are on edge in the first carve the more air you will get off the face of the wave. If you manage to pull off the Blunt and continue to spin past 180 degrees you’ve just pulled a “Super Blunt”.