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Clean PFD?

What are your thoughts on adding gear onto the outside of your PFD?

Clean PFD

Do you keep it clean?

First things first the risk of being snagged or caught up in a strainer or similar is something that all paddlers need to think about and although the risk is minimal the risk still exists. Any kit that you wear has the potential of being snagged and all steps should be made to keep loops of tape, laces etc tucked away and out of danger. However I sometimes find that it is necessary or advantageous to have some pieces of kit on the outside of my PFD rather than in a pocket.

Clean PFD

Firstly a whistle on the shoulder of my PFD. This is always a Fox whistle and always a super bright colour if at all possible. Fox whistles are simply superb. No moving parts, super loud and don’t seem to break.

Secondly a watch, again on the shoulder of my PFD. Whistle on the right and watch on the left. This is my choice and is at my own risk.

Clean PFD

Clean PFD

Some paddlers like to carry a knife fastened to the outside of their PFD. I found whilst working as a raft guide that wearing a knife on the front of my PFD made climbing back into the raft from the water difficult at times, so I carry mine in an easily accessible pocket. However I do see the logic in carrying a knife on the PFD rather than in it.

There is great deal to consider when deciding to have something attached to your PFD. I would be very interested to hear other paddlers thoughts on this topic.

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  1. Tapers

    Knowing the time can be very important, especially when daylight is limited. Obviously the danger with a standard wrist watch is the loop on the strap being a snag hazard on your shoulder.

    I’d like to see some PDFs on the market which take this into consideration, potentially with a mounting point for a watch face similar to that of a ‘nurses watch’ i.e. a non-looped strap attached by a clip-buckle holding a watch face upside down (perhaps with some Velcro on the back to stop it flapping about). This would offer convenience (you simply lift the watch face up to view rather than twist your head) and be safer than the current method because there is a reduced risk of snagging.


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