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GoPro Hero 3 – Wasabi Battery/Charger

Accessories for the white, silver and black edition of the GoPro Pro Hero 3 are starting to pop up on Amazon and various other places.

For just under £25 you can now get a charger plus 2 x Wasabi batteries – Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Charger for GoPro HD HERO3 and GoPro AHDBT-201, AHDBT-301. Unfortunately the battery charger doesn’t come with a UK plug but does come with a 12V plug for in car use.

Even without the charger 2 x batteries for £25 is pretty good. I have one on order and will be checking it out when it lands sometime next week.


  1. Slavo

    Is there a place I can buy this wasabi kit in UK? (I have an adapter for EU and US so thats not a problem) Thank you

    • admin

      Amazon have uk sellers.

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