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Which SD Memory Card For My GoPro?

(Updated: 27/12/19)

One of the biggest areas that is overlooked when getting a video/camera setup for trips out is the speed of the your SD or Micro SD card. Now this doesn’t matter if your camera is a GoPro, DJI, Contour, Garmin, Sony , Nikon or whatever because without a good memory card you may struggle to capture the video footage you want.

Which SD Memory Card For My GoPro?
Which SD Memory Card For My GoPro?

The Speed Class Rating is the official unit of speed measurement for all SD cards, including both full and micro sized versions. Speed Class is a minimum speed based on a worst case scenario test and represents the minimum transfer rate of data that the card is capable of.

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GoPro Hero 3 And 3 Plus Micro SD Card

One of the biggest areas that is overlooked when getting a video/camera setup for trips out is the speed of the your SD card. Many ask what is the best SD card for my GoPro camera? The GoPro HD Hero3 and 3 Plus series of cameras support Micro SD cards up to 64GB.

The choices of GoPro Hero 3 And 3 Plus micro SD cards is huge. Hopefully my trial and error over the last few years will point you in the right direction.

I have updated this post to ensure that the best cards possible are identified. This post also now contains references to the Hero 4 range of cameras.

unsponsored_32gb copy

The GoPro Hero 3 – white, silver, black and the even newer newer GoPro 3+ range use Micro SD Cards. Micro SD cards are roughly the size of a mobile phone sim card and are often supplied with an adaptor to allow them to be used within tech that uses full size SD cards.

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GoPro Hero 3 – Wasabi Battery/Charger

Accessories for the white, silver and black edition of the GoPro Pro Hero 3 are starting to pop up on Amazon and various other places.

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GoPro Bag Pack – First Look

A few days ago I managed to get hold of a few GoPro bits and bobs that aren’t that widely available yet. The GoPro Caps & Door Pack was one of them. I also ordered a battery and this GoPro Bag Pack.

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GoPro Hero 3 Caps & Doors – First Look

I managed to track down the GoPro Hero 3 Caps + Doors accessory pack within the EU after being unable to find anyone with stock in the UK. Which makes me believe that it may not have landed in the UK at the point when I was making the order. It’s a simple and effective accessory pack for the new GoPro Hero 3. It will fit all three models – White, Silver and Black.

The pack consists of:

A cover for the lens/button on the waterproof case which will help prevent damage to the lens and will also prevent the camera being accidentally switched on during transit.

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GoPro Hero 3 Part II – GoPro Hero 2 Vs GoPro Hero 3

Aside from the smaller and lighter aspects of the change there are a number of other things that need to be considered particulary if you are upgrading from the 1 or 2 to the 3. The GoPro Hero 3 doesn’t come with a whole load of accessories. You get the camera/case, 1 x Flat mount, 1 x Curved mount, 1 x Battery, 1 x 3 way Pivot Arm, 1 x QR lock, 1 x Skeleton Back, 1 x Additional (larger) QR mount.

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GoPro Hero 3 Part I – First Look

My Gopro Hero HD3 Hero Silver Edition landed this AM from the guys at Summit to Sea. RRP is around £280 but they can be found for a little less.

The camera is the Silver edition which is essentially the Hero 2 but with built in Wifi. You may therefore ask what is the point of changing. Well for me its down to weight and it is this that prompted the purchase. As I wear my GoPro on my Sweet Strutter the less weight the better. I have received a great deal of stick in the past about weighing kit, but I make no apology in taking the time to weigh the GoPro 3 both with and without its case. If this offends you please leave this page now. Continue reading

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