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Kayak Repair – A Few Observations

Over the past few months I have repaired splits in the following boats:

Liquid Logic Stomper 90
Bliss Stick Huka x 2
Pyranha Karnali
Pyranha Burn L
Dagger Nomad 8.5
Bliss Stick Huka
Zet Raptor
Liquid Logic Jefe

It has been really interesting to see how the plastic responds to heat and the repair process I use. Out of all of them the Dagger and Liquid Logic have been the nicest plastic to work with. In addition the outfitting is easy to remove so access was super easy.

Next on the list is probably the Pyranha Burn and Karnali. They can take the same amount of heat as previous two and the outfitting is only marginally harder to get back in place.

The two Bliss Stick take much less heat, probably around 30% less than the others already mentioned. When heated the Bliss Stick deforms really easily and inside access is really needed to press the plastic back into shape. Interestingly both Hukas had been holed in the same place.

The Zet is an interesting one. The plastic looks, feels and even smells different from the rest. The repair I carried out on the Zet was located in a really difficult place behind the seat and in between two of the rails, in fact it was right on the transition. The structure that holds the central foam pillars in place is part of the boat and removing/getting good access wasn’t easy. It also seems that the plastic in the area I was repairing was a little thinner than other parts of the boat. However once a little additional plastic was added the repair is solid (although not very pretty).

Boat Repair Gallery

UPDATE: I’m currently working on calibrating my heat gun so I can give a run down on the approximate amount heat used on each of the different boats.

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  1. harry

    great to see this info, did you ever make a little table of temps? i have a LL remix that needs a bit of attention.

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