Oli Kershaw from Next Level Guiding and Coaching had a lucky escape last night when some would be thieves attempted to remove a couple of kayaks from his van.

Kayak Security

The would be thieves managed to cut one strap and remove the other (2nd one missing) and attempted to remove the boats.

Thankfully Oli makes sure that his gear is secure and had fastened the kayaks to the van with a cable running through both seats and security broach loops. Unfortunately there are folks out there who will try and take what they want.

Please make sure that your gear is nice and secure. If you are carrying gear in your car/van make sure that it is either removed overnight if you can or kept well out of sight.

When leaving my boat unattended I tend to use a long padded bike security cable and padlock. I like to make it obvious that the boat is locked up by having the cable clearly visible near the tie down straps. I have also used the Malone Lock Up Cable and Playboater Rackguard both are great if the gear isn’t going to be left unattended for extended periods of time.

How do you make sure your gear is safe and secure?

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