There is always a chance that every time you put on piece of gear that has latex gaskets that the gasket could split. This recently happened to Dave Kersey. The choice of not paddling, getting wet/cold or carrying out an emergency latex gasket repair was an easy one to make.

Dave managed to use some woven medical tape to quickly and effectively repair the split.

Latex Gasket Repair

From Dave:

Surprisingly, it held up to 2 hours of hole surfing, splatting, squirting, cartwheeling and all other river play with my neck moving all over the place. Even took it off and it held.

As the tape did such a good Dave plans to place some Aquaseal over the tape and use the gasket as is until his replacement seal arrives.

It’s great see some river bank ingenuity coming into play and saving the day. My own first aid kit has been customised and now includes a number of different tapes for emergency use including the tape that Dave has used and of course the old favourite duct tape.

Many thanks to Dave Kersey for the use of his image and info.