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New GoPro Rear Kayak Mount

This new GoPro rear kayak mount prototype has been put together by friend of Unsponsored “Mo Ritz”. The mount is still very much in prototype but the concept has been proved.

New GoPro Rear Kayak Mount

Other than the actual GoPro attachment everything else is constructed from aluminium. Despite this the whole system is super lightweight.

The new GoPro rear kayak mount will fit a multitude of kayaks regardless of how or where the rear grab loops are positioned.

New GoPro Rear Kayak Mount

The GoPro attachment has be constructed from the plastic plate that comes with all new GoPros as part of the packaging/presentation system.

The square aluminium bar has been drilled and slotted to allow the plastic base plate to be removed without completing removing the nuts and bolts. This flexibility allow further types of attachments to be used including those that would allow a wide range of POV action cameras to be attached. A few are in development and/or testing at the moment.

Unsponsored GoPro Rear Kayak Mount 3

The nuts will be replaced with nylock versions at a later date.

Unsponsored GoPro Rear Kayak Mount 4

Further development of a base plate is also underway.

Unsponsored GoPro Rear Kayak Mount 1

Right now the mount is absolutely superb. It has been fully tested on some really pushy water, both upright and upside down (edit to follow). Using any rear mount will have its risk but using one is left to the discretion of the paddler using one.

Visualise the whole system anodised and the whole design tighten up. It’s almost there.


  1. ewancolyer1

    Looks great

  2. gavin thompson

    Ordinarily I would like to applaud ingenuity and garden shed inventors but this is a bad design. Anything your going to attach to a whitewater craft has to provide a negligible snagging hazard or in some circumstances a pro boater may accept a snagging hazard with a weak mount which would easily break away if snagged. The material choice is poor. There are so many closed cell foams and polymers out there to consider above an aluminium bar. Consider the construction of whip antennas which are metal and polymer composites and consider joints of other materials with a low yield but higher ultimate strength. I’ll try and knock together a budget design myself which would minimise the risk of snagging whilst retaining security for the camera.

  3. Chris

    I’m with the guy above me. Using metal that doesn’t have the ability to flex backwards to bounce under/around obstructions is a recipe for disaster. Just my .02, of course.

    • Unsponsored

      That’s exactly the plan. Some sort of joint that stays put until enough pressure is place on it. It would then fold.

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