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New Kayak A Little More Detail

If you didn’t check out the post about the #themystery you need to have a read of that before going any further.

New Kayak A Little More Detail

We have some renderings of a new kayak that isn’t Unsponsored’s new kayak #themystery that is going into full production. This is the final design for a new sub 9ft race kayak from a really well known brand.

New Kayak A Little More Detail

New Kayak A Little More Detail


Length 271cm
Width 68cm
Deck height 37cm
Volume TBC L
Paddler weight 66 – 116kg

This puts the new kayak at the medium/large size of the scale. I’ll let you fill in a little of the detail. Please comment below.

More images shortly.


  1. FB

    new mamba?;)

  2. A.W.

    Too early for a new Mamba I think. Possibly a new ‘race ready’ kayak from UK Wavesport? Wavesport were trialling a boat a couple of years back before the move to Europe. Or maybe a completely ne Diesel……not before time!

  3. J.H.

    Dagger phantom hopefully….

  4. R. Mandeville

    Very Dagger-looking grab handles

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