Whether you’ve just started your tour into the world of whitewater, or you’re an experienced paddler looking to brush up on your technique, this video is well worth checking out.


World Champion kayaker and renowned kayak instructor Ken Whiting has teamed up again with acclaimed videographer Chris Emerick to produce – Liquid Skills. The video is a split into two aprts. Part one focuses on the strokes and techniques needed to confidently paddle in any type of whitewater. Part two focuses on key playboating moves that will let you take advantage of all the play waves and eddy lines that you come across.

This video is a great reference tool and is very easy to follow and understand. Ken’s approach is friendly and relaxed as he explains each move step by step covering everything from where to place your paddle, hip movement, boat position and where to setup for your move on the river feature. This is the ideal tool to improve your boating in the dryness of your own home.