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River Elf Storm Rider

There is something very tempting about River Elf boats. I don’t know whether it’s the name, the designs or the fact the boats are composite. May be it is a combination of all of these.

River Elf Storm Rider
River Elf Storm Rider

Primarily designed for those above 200 lbs, the Storm Rider L-XL is also a good choice for smaller paddlers seeking the security of a wider, more stable hull.

The Storm Rider L-XL features a continuous rocker profile, smooth round chines that transition into a flattish hull, and a generous maximum width of 27″. Combine that with a 24.5 lb kevlar/carbon/epoxy construction and you get a predictable, forgiving design with super manoeuvrability, surface spins that rival the turning ability of a slalom boat, and a “zero-to-sixty” thats unlike any creeker you’ve ever paddled!

Key features of the L-XL version of the Storm Rider:

  • primary construction: kevlar/epoxy with rib system reinforcement.
  • deck: carbon reinforced to impart stiffness and structure.
  • hull: carbon/kevlar hybrid reinforced to balance impact and stiffness.
  • triple seamed for toughness.
  • minicell pillars and carbon pillar guides.
  • ACB carbon pillar sleeve and anchors pre-installed.
  • carbon bow shock absorber.
  • large cockpit for easy entry and exit.
  • stainless steel security lock-down loop and accessory attachment point.
  • four light but tough and beefy grab loops.
  • suitable for both creeking and general river running.

You can find out more about River Elf and their products here.


  1. River Elf Storm Rider would be really good for riding against the waves and especially the dam control areas it would be quite fun for sure! ‘m looking forward for the paddle recommendation!

  2. Just a quick post regarding the Storm Rider. Just received the M-sized one and haven’t had the chance to paddle it, yet. I need to tighten up the already excellent outfitting before venturing onto the ultra-high volume rivers that are common in CA this spring.

    What I can say with certainty is that the kayak build quality is the best I have seen in decades of whitewater boat ownership. Attention to details is remarkable. The 4 page personalized instructions and the enclosed complete repair kit, including resins and Kevlar materials, is totally unexpected but, warmly welcomed. I will provide a more complete review once I get a few runs under my belt.

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