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River Erme Kayak Pin Rescue

Sam Crooks kindly edited his River Erme video for use on Unsponsored. Thanks Sam. It is well worth the watch and highlights the importance of undertaking whitewater rescue training.

River Erme Kayak Pin Rescue. from samcrooks on Vimeo.

Short video of a kayak becoming pinned on River Erme in Dartmoor UK. The video highlights the rescue of paddler and multiple technique attempts to extract boat. This video has been edited to remove faff time however I feel the essence of the rescue is outlined and other paddlers can learn from the techniques we used.


  1. Ashley Ainsworth

    Great initial rescue of the paddler!! Really didn’t like the risk taken to get the carabiner on the front of the boat by climbing into the river to reach the rescue loop, what if the boat had rolled upstream at that point and the rescuer had ended up going under it?

    • Stefan

      Easy to comment in hindsight, but this where the a carabiner clipped to the paddle end and then clipped to the boat would be useful. Was there a safer angle to approach the boat? Was there a better angle for the ropes? As a an amateur, I might have tried to pull the boat so the current did the work, but easier said than done, and perhaps that’s what happened anyway. The branch used seemed rather flimsy too.

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