Ok, we are going a little off piste with this one as it is definitely not kayak or canoe related. When the water is low and the surf has dropped off I get out on a bike. This now includes mountain bikes and road bikes.

Clean lines and no zip ties

I’ve been after a good mudguard for sometime and the Proguard hit my radar a few months ago. I pre-ordered bot the Proguard standard and mini.

My mountain bikes are used in all conditions including the very wet and muddy. This calls for a mudguard for the front. In the past the mudguard of choice has been the Powa Dfender. As I often carry the bike in the car in a custom bike bag the Dfender was great as it is clamped onto the fork and could be removed easily. However as tyres have got bigger the Dfender has struggled.

Rear has a flick at the end offering greater protection

I hate the idea of using zips ties and the smaller Velcro type mudguards are OK but don’t provide much protection.

Not only do I use a mudguard for the obvious, protection from spray etc, but also to help minimise the rock strikes my frame takes. I have written one bike off relatively recently due to a fairly small rock strike that broke the frame.

Rapid Racer Products (RRP) have released their new Bolt On Proguard. The Proguard is designed to fit forks that have threaded holes in the fork brace. This includes Fox 32, 34, 36, Ohlins, SR Suntour and new Fox based Marzocchi Forks.

My Forks are Fox 36’s which have two threaded holes in the fork brace. This allows the Proguard to be bolted directly to the forks without the need of the zip ties. Each Proguard come supplied with the bolts required to fit the full range of forks given above with the correct sizes of Allen keys to help you fit it.

The Proguard comes in two different sizes, the standard (shown here) and the mini which as you would expect is smaller than the standard.

Seal Shield

The Proguard is longer on the sides as shown above in order that it provides additional protection to the fork seals. The sides of the mudguard are flared out to touch and hold onto the fork to dampen resonance and create more stability. Foam pads are provided to help protect the fork. The Proguard fits so well there is no rattle or movement at all.

Clearance between the Proguard and the tyre can be adjusted a little vertically with the bolts and the angle can be changed using one of the two shims provided. In my case the shims were not required. Even with a set of WTB 2.6 tyres on 30mm rims the fit was perfect from the get go.

The shiny section has not only been created for a little contrast (which I like) but also for the placement of the RRP stickers. These are available in 11 different colours if that is your thing.

Now I should have a pre and post image of me showing how effective the Proguard was at keeping the mud and spray off both me and my bike. You’ll have to trust me when I say that the design is bang on and gives a superb level of protection.

Over the last couple of months of wet, gritty and muddy riding the Proguard has kept me dryer and cleaner than any other mudguard that I have tried including the Powa Dfender. I won’t be changing to anything else anytime soon.


  • Mini – 388mm long and 104g without bolts
  • Standard – 503mm long 130g without bolts
  • Fits 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheels with a tyre up to 3.0″