Soul Waterman have two tandem kayak designs in their collection for 2017. The first is the Dos Amigos, Soul’s take on the classic Topolino Duo. The second is the Terrible Two, which has been designed to get kids out on the water a little more easily.

Buy one of these:

Soul Waterman 2017

and then convert it to one of these:

Soul Waterman 2017

Corran Addison has taken the tandem kayak concept one step further with the ability to change the ends of a kayak using the Kayak End Cone system.

Soul Waterman 2017

For New Year, we drop the most awesome bomb ever!

We are releasing the Terrible Two using our sectional technology, with a different front option for it to convert over to the Dos Amigos.

Yup – you heard right!!

So you can get one, or the other, or for example start with the Terrible Two, and then later on upgrade the nose to the Dos Amigos as your kid grows.

Or you might start by dating someone that you introduce to paddling in the Dos Amigos, and then 9 months later… you suddenly need the Terrible Two front 😉

Happy New Year from SOUL.