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Seven Teacups – 4K Aerial Perspective

Water can do some amazing things. Check out this edit from Matt Skuta. It shows the Seven Teacups waterfalls on the Kern river. Simply awesome.

Seven Teacups

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Wet N’ Wild

There is some great aerial footage in this Wet N’ Wild wintery edit from Kavu.

Wet N' Wild

Sam Grafton and Ben Kinsella get burly on the Skykomish River, WA. The flow of the river was massive around 33,000 CFS.

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Responsible Drone Flying

Drones are becoming a lot more popular these days. With many adventure sports participants looking for more creative ways to document their adventures, there isn’t much that can come close to the sorts of epic aerial shots that were once the preserve of large budget feature films or broadcast documentaries.

Responsible Drone Flying

However as anyone who watches the news will know, drones are coming under ever more scrutiny by the authorities. Worse still is that many people who buy these aircraft are unaware that there are laws governing their use.

I should say at this point that I do apologise if this article comes off sounding like a stern Government information film from the 1970s! However I hope that it will give readers more insight into these aspects of drone use and its relevance to kayaking!

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Wairoa Extreme Race 2016

A great event and a great edit from the 2016 Wairoa extreme race.

Wairoa Extreme Race 2016

Every year on the Wairoa River out of Tauranga the kayaking community gathers for one of New Zealand’s best extreme kayak races. The head to head is an exciting race format where racers are seeded against each other till one athlete is crowned the winner. This year saw Jen Chrimes beat Toni George in the womens final and Jamie Sutton take down Kenny Mutton for the mens title.

Check out this highlights video for action from the race.

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He Lost His Drone And GoPro

A few years ago Geoff Otto lost his DJI Phantom Quadcopter and attached GoPro Hero 3 Black edition.

He Lost His Drone And GoPro

The drone And GoPro were lost to the murky depths of the Tees Barrage International Whitewater Course here in the UK. The course takes water directly from the river Tees before returning the water below the barrage and back into the tidal section of the river.

unsponsored_Aug15_Tees 175

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Flying At Lachine

As camera drone technology becomes that little more wide spread we are starting to see more and more kayak related footage that has been taken with the aid of a drone.

Flying At Lachine

This edit from Bad Productions Kayaking/Leif Anderson uses a drone well to create a number of interesting shooting angles.

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It’s always great to see how paddlers are starting to use drones to shoot video. This one from Ryan McAvoy is well worth checking out.


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Andy Duff Memorial Race

Josh Neilson has produced this superb edit of the Andy Duff Memorial Race. I love it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 12.44.27

The ‘Andy Duff Memorial Race’ is an annual kayak, swim and raft race on the Kaituna River. This is a series of highlight shots from the drone over the river during the 5 races. Continue reading

Okere Enduro Race – 2014

A superb edit put together by Josh Neilson. Could the UK handle a similar event?

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 08.31.20

The Okere Enduro is a teams race event consisting of a 1.5km kayak leg and a 1.5 km run. 25 teams of 3 competitors race each other for 6 hours with the aim of completing the greatest amount of laps round the course. Continue reading

SAS Hurley Classic 2014 – Teaser

James Bebbington has created this great little teaser as a promo for the much longer SAS Hurley Classic 2014 edit. A superb job James!

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Demshitz – New Holtwood Kayak Park

Superb drone work from Demshitz and an awesome feature.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 22.49.42

About three weeks ago myself and Jared Seiler were invited to test the flow and features at the Holtwood kayak Park. We surfed the features at a variety of flows from 700cfs to about 1600cfs. A happy flow here at Holtwood is between 800-1100cfs. The top feature is a very fast wave. You have to be ready top fly on this feature, setting up can be a little tricky. The next feature is a fast wave hole and the last one is a perfect little V wave. Great shoulders on both sides, perfect for a good front surf or even an air blunt. Enjoy! Continue reading

Drones, GoPro and Kayaks

Quadrocopters and Hexacopters seem to be finding their way into the kayaking world. At a couple of hundred pounds (£) for a quadrocopter that is capable of aerial photography I think 2014 will see more and more of these things flying around our rivers.

Here is a great video of Marsh weir from Altitude 8.

marsh from Altitude 8 on Vimeo.

And another showing the floods around Datchet here in the UK.

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