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Movie Monday 5 April 2021

Welcome to Unsponsored and Movie Monday 5 April 2021. Helping to get the new working week off to a flying start here is a selection of ‘edits’ carefully chosen for your consideration by the Unsponsored team.


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Red Bull TV – Chasing Niagara

I have just finished watching the full version of Chasing Niagara (just over 1 hrs worth of action). It has been available for a while via iTunes at a cost. However it is currently available to watch for free on Red Bull TV.

CHASING NIAGARA follows Rafa Ortiz, a celebrated pioneer of big waterfall kayaking, as he pushes himself to the limit and redefines his sport by daring to dream the impossible – successfully descending Niagara Falls. To prepare for this highly dangerous drop, Ortiz enlists a team of fellow professional kayakers, including Rush Sturges, Evan Garcia, and Tyler Bradt, to help him train and document the process. As they take on lightning fast rapids and massive waterfalls in exotic locales, they soon find that what started as one man’s epic quest, evolves into an intense three-year journey of self-discovery and friendship that forces them to redefine their own definitions of bravery, purpose, and ambition.

Huge waterfalls, near death experiences all captured in such a way that makes Chasing Niagara appealing to both paddlers and non-paddlers. In terms of the way in which Chasing Niagara has been put together and the action within it, it is probably the best kayak related video I have seen.

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Isaac Levinson Mexico 2015 Highlights

Isaac Levinson gives us a rundown of his “Mexico 2015 Highlights”.

Mexico 2015 Highlights

On a last minute whim, I decided to book a ticket down to Mexico for the 2015 Alseseca Race. It turned out to be one of my favorite paddling trips ever. The rivers are gold in Mexico if your a kayaker!

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Todo Palguin – Evan Garcia

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 19.45.43

Watch as EG the Killa takes down every rapid (including the 3 infamous portages) on the Rio Palguin this past December. Continue reading

Beyond the Drop – Pro Kayaking Video Presented By Teva

Six pro kayakers from around the world meet up in the rainforests of Southern Mexico to run the Rio Tulijá. Also known as the Agua Azul, the river features impossibly blue water and a series of five large waterfalls. Led by Rafa Ortiz, the kayak team, including Rush Sturges, Evan Garcia, Aniol Serrasolses, Martina Wegman and Casper Van Kalmthout, have fun exploring the river and the local culture, showing us that when it comes to running waterfalls there’s a lot more to it than just the drop.

Substantial TV EP. 2 “BC,EH!”

Substantial TV EP. 2 “BC,EH!” from Substantial Media House on Vimeo.

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