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GoPro Hero 3 The Frame Mount – First Look

One of the new GoPro “The Frame” mounts landed yesterday.

The mount is designed to house the new GoPro Hero 3 series (white, silver, and black). The images below show the mount being used with a Silver series HD3. Continue reading

GoPro Hero 3 Caps & Doors – First Look

I managed to track down the GoPro Hero 3 Caps + Doors accessory pack within the EU after being unable to find anyone with stock in the UK. Which makes me believe that it may not have landed in the UK at the point when I was making the order. It’s a simple and effective accessory pack for the new GoPro Hero 3. It will fit all three models – White, Silver and Black.

The pack consists of:

A cover for the lens/button on the waterproof case which will help prevent damage to the lens and will also prevent the camera being accidentally switched on during transit.

Continue reading

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