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Sweet Protection Sabrosa Spray Top – First Look

The new Sweet Protection Sabrosa spray top is something that I have been waiting for from Sweet for some time. In most of my Sweet dry top reviews I have mentioned that a short sleeve version would be a great idea and it seems Sweet have listened.

Sweet Protection Sabrosa Spray Top - First Look

The cut and construction of their long sleeve tops and drysuits is superb so I am glad to see a short sleeve version coming to market.

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Sweet Protection Jailbreak Jacket

This is somewhat of a different product from Sweet. Sweet are well known for their great kayak and snow sports kit but the Jailbreak jacket offers something a little different. The Jailbreak is essentially a light weight mountain jacket suitable for a range of activities.

Sweet Protection Jailbreak Jacket

It’s not a jacket for on water use. I have so far used the Jailbreak while I have been mountain biking, climbing and hill walking. Think of the Jailbreak as an Arcteryx Beta LT and you would be along the right lines.

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Sweet Supernova Dry Top – First look

A few weeks ago the new Sweet Protection Supernova dry top arrived at Unsponsored HQ.

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Arc’teryx Customer Service – Review

At the start of 2014 I managed to put a cut in my Arc’teryx Fission SL jacket. The Fission SL is a super light weight Goretex pro jacket that is insulated. It’s a great jacket that is both light and warm and it has served me well through the British winters for the last couple of years. Unfortunately I managed to brush past a wall (bricks had sharp edges) and put a 5 to 6cm straight cut in the front of the jacket.


To say I was gutted would be an understatement. I looked at possible solutions for repair – tape, glue, patch etc. All were viable but to be honest if it’s less than perfect it would simply annoy me. So the only option was to contact Arc’teryx direct. To be honest I didn’t hold out much hope as I expected the repair to be hugely expensive and therefore not cost effective. But is was worth a go. Continue reading

Sweet Protection – Intergalactic And Other New Products

You can always tell when a new product is on its way when the manufacturer starts to update their website. Sweet Protection have done just this over the last couple of days.

Sweet Protection

The Intergalactic drysuit which I tested last year is now up and will be available shortly. In addition they also have some details on the new Supernova dry top.

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