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AT’S New WW Paddles – Advanced Series First Look

Adventure Technology (AT) have always been known amongst whitewater kayakers for producing some of the best paddles that money can buy (the Elite Series). Unfortunately for many paddlers, the budget often doesn’t quite stretch far enough and we find ourselves opting for the cheaper and somewhat inferior options.

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First Thoughts On The Wavesport Mobius 49

It’s refreshing to paddle a small playboat that actually feels like it’s designed for the smaller paddler, rather than feeling like a shrunken version of the medium size.


I’ve owned my Wave Sport Mobius 49 for a week now. I meant to post up my initial thoughts sooner but I haven’t been able to leave the boat alone for long enough to actually sit down at my computer.

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A Kayaker’s Guide To Making Friends

Believe it or not, the topic of making friends will perplex even the most sociable of kayakers at some point in their paddling career. This is not because we are weird, many of us are in fact relatively normal. It’s because we rely on our paddling buddies in a very different way to how we rely on our boozy weekend buddies.

Whilst considering the differences between my paddling buddies and my boozy weekend buddies, it occurred to me that my experiences as a disabled paddler are probably not particularly representative. For example, I look for friends with the ability to carry both my weighty kayak and my weighty self to and from the river. I have therefore decided to supplement my own advice with the opinions and experiences of other paddlers. The added advantage is that, should you need to blame anyone for any negative consequences incurred as a result of following this advice, you can blame them rather than blaming me.


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