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Sweet Protection – Hunter Shorts

For ever and a day I have been using Oakley MTB shorts for all biking duties. They have been my favourite and served me well. However I managed to get hold of some Sweet Protection Hunter shorts to test and have been blown away by the fit, function and design.

Hunter Enduro shorts from Sweet Protection on Vimeo.

So what is so special. Well they fit really well, plenty of adjustment and the fabric has just that little bit of stretch that helps whilst pedalling. Not too tight and not too baggy (for a pair of baggies!). Length wise they sit just over the knee and are wide enough to accommodate knee pads without any issues.

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Elbow Pads

I must admit that I own a few pairs of elbow pads but as yet have never used them whilst kayaking. They have been worn and fully tested on many occasions whilst I’ve been biking/flying through the air.


As “creeking” has become more and more popular you now see more and more people wearing elbow pads whilst on the water and I can can see why. Banging your elbow usually hurts pretty badly, but banging your elbow whilst running white water could mean that you are unable to continue paddling on, fail a roll or put a nice big hole in your dry top/ dry suit.

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