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Movie Monday 23 November 2020

Welcome to Movie Monday 23 November 2020 at Unsponsored.

Movie Monday 23 November 2020


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Sam Ellis – River Swale Dec 15

Good friend of Unsponsored, Sam Ellis hit the River Swale a couple of days ago. Levels were good as were the lines.

The River Swale sits within Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It is an awesome river in stunning surroundings. When it goes it has to be one of the best waterfall runs in the UK. So here we have it Sam Ellis – River Swale Dec 15. Lots of drops and a swim along the way.

Sam Ellis - River Swale Dec 15

This one is well worth a watch to the very end.

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Northern Territory – River Swale

The Swale, for many the most enjoyable, hassle free section of Class 4 (occasionally 5) in the UK. It’s all down to preference of course, however, a little time invested in this true classic normally leaves paddlers with a beaming smile.

River Swale

At its source, about 2 miles upstream of Keld, the Swale picks up pace and, set amongst some stunning scenery and isolated gorges, this river drops like a stone and often rises just as quickly: we recently witnessed the river rising 50cm within the hour it took us to complete the run. It rose a further 10cm in the time it took to get changed and do a shuttle; a factor that should be borne in mind when paddling this stretch after heavy rainfall. Potentially difficult to judge accurately, running this little gem has been made much more reliable since the introduction of the environment agency river levels gauge. This provides the source data for the invaluable Rainchasers site ( an excellent information resource for which we are enormously grateful to Rob Tuley and crew supporting the site.

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Pokin the Stoke

Pokin the Stoke

Pokin the Stoke – Hitting the Swale on Sunday with Sam & Ben for some fun lines and good times!

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Longboats For Life – Local Length

Unsponsored’s little brother River has been very quiet of late. It turns out he has been working on a little winter edit focussing on his love of his Liquidlogic Stinger kayak. In Longboats For Life – Local Length, River takes us on a journey through the joy of owning and paddling a big boat, they aren’t just for flat water touring you know!

Longboats for life

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Sunny Morning On The Upper Swale

Sunny morning on the Upper Swale from Dan Etherington on Vimeo.

Early morning run on the Upper Swale with friends.

Ride The Line

Ride The Line from Danny Riley on Vimeo.

Thanks to everyone I have paddled with this year (2013). I have met lots of new people and lots of great opportunities have come my way too. I hope this new upcoming year to be even better. Enjoy.

A Yorkshire Playground

The North of England has some of the best whitewater around. The River Swale in North Yorkshire is a firm favourite and has been at good levels for most of the week.

This video was put together by friend of Unsponsored, Martyn Butler. You can check out what Martyn gets up to here.

Classics Fanatics

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 14.01.31

While he was supposed to be cutting the lawn Unsponsored’s little brother River nipped out and caught some of the best summer UK Monsoon season levels of the year.

Classics Fanatics from THE RIVER MILITIA on Vimeo.

An evening of heavy rain brought Aysgarth Falls and The River Swale into fine condition! With a little Falls of Lora action thrown in for good measure… Timeless whitewater.

A Summer Stout 720

Another great video from my friend Sam Ellis. Charging hard in God’s Own County.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 22.04.57

So the rains finally came!! After work Monday night got a run on Aysgill Force and a swollen Swale. Footage was too dark for rest of the Swale but I assure there weren’t any other place I would of rather been.



A Summer Stout 720 from sam ellis on Vimeo.

UK Monsoon Season – Little Summer Treats 2

The UK Monsoon season continues to provide good summer paddling conditions across the North. Heavy down pours have once again produced some awesome paddling opportunities.

For Ant Shaw, Ryan Hargreaves and Tom Hainsworth this has meant some great boating in God’s own county – North Yorkshire.

Little Summer Treats 2 from Lakesboaters on Vimeo.

River Swale

River Swale from Dave Wortley on Vimeo.

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