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Duo Kayaks

Duo Kayaks or Tandem Kayaks are super fun, and are a great way to get non-paddling friends on the water. There are a number of Duo kayaks available that are suitable for both flatwater and whitewater use.

All of the Duo kayaks shown here can accommodate two adults.

Duo Kayaks
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Prijon 2B – More Images

Prijon have recently released some images of the new Prijon 2B Duo/Tandem kayak. As with all Prijon kayaks the 2B is blow moulded and starts life as a tube.

Prijon 2B

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Prijon 2B – Duo Kayak

We’ve had a few details sent through to Unsponsored about the new Prijon 2B kayak and have even seen a mini printed model. So if you are after a Duo or Tandem whitewater kayak you now have a little bit more choice.

Prijon 2B - Duo Kayak

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National Student Rodeo – Topo Heats 2016

The Topo heats this Saturday at the National Student Rodeo 2016 were pretty good. Going deep, getting air and lots of attempted Supermans. A great show.

National Student Rodeo - Topo Heats 2016

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Soul Waterman – Dos Amigos

The Dos Amigos is the latest design from Corran Addison through his new company Soul Waterman.

Soul - Dos Amigos

The Dos Amigos is a Duo whitewater kayak and joins the Eskimo Topo Duo and Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo in a very special place in the kayak market. We are certainly looking forward to seeing this one in the flesh.

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