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GoPro Hero5 Black Vs GoPro Hero6 Black

Is it time to upgrade from the GoPro Hero5 Black Edition to the GoPro Hero6 Black Edition?

The GoPro Hero6 Black edition was released earlier this month and many of you out there are probably wondering whether or not it is worth upgrading from the GoPro Hero5 Black.

GoPro Hero5 Black Vs GoPro Hero6 Black

There are now three cameras on the current GoPro line up, the Hero6, the Hero5 and the Hero5 Session with the fourth 360 enabled Fusion camera landing shortly.

As you might expect the new Hero6 has the most and best features of the three currently available GoPro cameras.

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Pyranha Thighbrace Install

Adrian Durrant takes us through a Pyranha Thighbrace Install upgrade.

Lots of people lately have been purchasing Pyranha club spec boats and asking about upgrading the boat with thigh braces, this is a really simple job to do and will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Pyranha Thighbrace Install [8]

By adding thigh braces will give you much better control of the boat especially in moving water whilst edging the boat, it also allows you to upgrade to a ratchet backrest with the thigh braces pre drilled to take a ratchet.

Here’s a quick step by step guide to fitting Connect thigh braces into a club spec Z-One.

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Pyranha B-Two Connect Outfitting Upgrade

At the end of last year Pyranha released the Burn MK3, if you have had a chance to paddle one its not a bad kayak, one of the best creekers and river runners on the market today, even Tom Parker has put the Everest away, always a good sign. Price £949.

So what to do with the mould of the MK2 Burn, nothing to wrong with the design, has been tried and tested on the worlds hardest white water. This year in the Pyranha range there is a kayak at £599, the Pyranha B-Two hitting the price point for club paddles just breaking into white water or people wanting a coaching kayak. Well its the old MK2 Burn, its been de-speced to hit the price point of other manufacturers, still comes with the yellow grab handles, aluminium rescue points, connect 30 seat, thigh grips, back band, centre foam and full plate footrest, at the price its a bargain.


Now, for an extra £90 you can buy the extra parts to turn this sleeping monster into a full on creeking river running monster. What does £90 get you, well a pair of hip pads including fitting kit, webbing attached to ratchet runners, a pair of ratchets and a pair of guides for the webbing.

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Dagger RPM Max – Contour Ergo Outfitting Upgrade


Pat Keller has kindly agreed to share his Dagger RPM Max upgrade on Unsponsored. Pat has taken the standard RPM Max shell and added one of Daggers new Contour Ergo outfitting systems.

The seat swap was pretty self explanatory (a few bolts and a bit of man handling to get it in), but it’ll be best to use the plates that come with the creek seat than just washers.


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Jackson Kayak Backrest Upgrade

Jason Cole kindly agreed for his Jackson Kayak Backrest upgrade guide to be included on Unsponsored. It looks like it could be a very worth while upgrade for older Jackson boats.

On numerous occasions I’d been at Lee Valley, with the backrest pulled in tight, thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if it was just a bit bigger?”. It also kept slipping down, which I’d mitigated by fitting toggles, but it was still not 100%.

The other day I visited WWTCC and sat in a new Jackson Karma, bloody huge boat! But I was really taken by the new-style backrest – which are sold as kits. They didn’t have any in stock at WWTCC so got one from Squarerock as I was in a hurry to get one.

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