img_4249(Photo Credit – Amy Morton)

Last Saturday saw the second annual British University Creek Race take place in Glen Etive. Perfect medium water levels allowed for a challenging but fun day of racing. The student race course was comprised of two runs of the middle Etive and a final lap of the Allt A’ Chaorainn. 23 students and 7 old boys took to the river with Callum Strong and Beth Morgan taking the student titles, while David Bain took the title in the old boys race.

dsc_0156(Photo Credit – Lottie McKay, Paddlers – David Bain, Ben Johnston, Patrick Jenner and Mark Mulrain)

The Etive lap provided an element of endurance to the race while technical skill was needed to ace the Chaorainn lap.

img_4424(Photo Credit – Amy Morton, Paddler – Robbie Bowman)

Despite two dislocated shoulders, the day was filled with fun and white water and I can’t wait for next year! Thanks to everyone who made the trip up north, making the day a big success and a big thank you to our wonderful sponsors who made the day happen.

Article by: Amy Gabriella Bridget Morton