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Tile Sticker

Tile is probably best known for those little bluetooth key rings that help you locate lost keys. How about a waterproof version that you could stick to the inside of your boat?

Tile have announced the Tile Sticker, which is a waterproof, has a 150ft/46m bluetooth range and is pretty small with a 27mm diameter.

Tile Sticker
Tile Sticker

Could this help recover lost kayaks/canoes?

At $39.99/£34.99 for a pack of two or currently $59.99/£54.99 for a pack of four it may well be worth attaching to a kayak/canoe.

You would probably need to find somewhere in the boat that is flat enough and won’t get knocked. We have a set on their way and have a plan to fasten one to the underside of a seat in one of our kayaks.


  1. Dejan Smaic

    Not sure if worth the money for lost boat considering the bluetooth range <150 feet. The boat would more likely be visible at that point.

    • mdbooth

      And if it wasn’t it would be because it was underwater, and bluetooth doesn’t work under water.

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