Verus Kayaks - Hellbender Walkthrough
Verus Kayaks – Hellbender Walkthrough

We’re here today with a full walkthrough of the most radical new kayak in the game; the Verus Hellbender. With a stern that engages like a dream, squirts are effortless and you’ll be staring at the sky all day long. Unlike most traditional full-slice boats, this kayak was designed to be wave oriented. With the Hellbender’s narrow planning hull, and hard edges this boat is a sportscar on a wave with a thirst for fast carves. Faster than most, you’ll leave your buddies in the eddy with a serious case of boat envy. Honestly, the best way to know is to paddle one yourself! Follow along on social media to keep up with our demo schedule. Or, shoot us a message and request to try one out!

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