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Chapter One Appetiser Quijos Festival

Chapter One Appetiser Quijos Festival

Teaser for Chapter One from Ecuador. Featuring footage from the first official Quijos Festival held in Baeza, Ecuador.

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Nelihue is another great edit from Chris Baer. This edit shows that despite how great our sport is there is always a chance that something may go wrong. When it does wrong you need to have a good team around you.


Aeon Russo, Mark Taylor, and Chris Baer spending some time at Salto del Nelihue. Aeon has a great line, and Chris looses his paddle forcing him into the cave.

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Dagger Nomad – First Paddle

I had the opportunity to have a brief paddle of the new 2016 Dagger Nomad (#newmad) last week. This particular shell is the Prototype V3 which is pretty much what the production model will be like.

Dagger Nomad - First Paddle

I had first seen the Newmad in the flesh at Paddle Expo and since posting those images taken at the time it has been pretty clear, from the associated statistics from Unsponsored, that this boat has a great number of people very interested.

But what are my initial thoughts?

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Rivering Untrailer

The Riving film is almost ready for release. Check out this untrailer from the Rivering guys.

Rivering Untrailer

I wanted to cut a promo, but I did not want to give anymore away than I already have with the other trailers. Thus, we have the “Untrailer”. Other than two shots, none of this footage and none of the interviewees appear in the actual film. So this was also an opportunity to add a few folks who were great, but simply because you cannot have everything (the film is already longer than I expected) did not make the cut. Thanks to everyone who donated, participated, crewed, was filmed etc over the past three years. I hope you enjoy the finished movie.


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Welcome To The Jungle

Welcome to the jungle we’ve got fun and games. We got everything you want honey, we know the names. We are the people that can find whatever you may need. If you got the money honey we got your disease.

Welcome to the Jungle

Another superb edit from Knox Hammack.

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Dirty First Aid Series – Part 2

In this series I am pleased to offer a ‘dirty’ First Aid approach. This is suited to kayakers and river users. Using a ‘find it fix it’ approach to incident care and management.

Dirty First Aid - The Series

In our last article we looked at the Primary Assessment of a casualty. Now we move forward to a secondary assessment – here we deal direct with an injury or medical condition.

We will under take a full head to toe exam. Time to take a SAMPLE and deal with obvious injuries. Lets not rush at it – it needs to be spot on.

S – Signs and symptoms
A – Allergies
M – Medications
P – Previous medical issues
L – Last meal
E – Events

This sample is simple, we find it we fix it.

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GB Freestyle Selection Event Two

Dale Mears was at round two of the GB Freestyle selection event held at HPP, Nottingham. Here are just a few of Dale’s awesome images from the 30th January 2016.

GB Freestyle Selection

The selection runs were held at the inlet gate at the top of the course.

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Movie Monday 1 February 2016

A bit of whitewater, some surf, drones, colour, black and white. It’s all here in Movie Monday 1 February 2016.

unsponsored-northern-tees-1 (1)

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Two Little Slovenian Gems

Two Little Slovenian Gems

The whitewater enthusiasts who know Slovenia, probably only know it for the Soca river. But when the snow melts, or the rain pours Slovenia is the place to be. We have so many little rideable creeks that run with just a little rain. In a 80 km radius, you’ll run out of strength before you run out of river names.

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Demshitz Fix My Shoulder

It’s a good job that Demshitz fix my shoulder!

Demshitz fix my shoulder!

Video of an afternoon run on the Wap which involved a crash at “Anarchy” resulting in a dislocated shoulder and a quick riverside reset! Demshitz to the rescue!

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How To Climb Back On A Sit On Top Kayak

This has got to be a must watch for all sit on top kayak users.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 22.22.26

Steve Whetman from Whetman Equipment demonstrates the foolproof method for getting back on your sit on top (SOT) kayak in deep water.

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Soul Waterman Outfitting – First Look

We’ve been following the development of the whitewater line of Soul Waterman kayaks since Corran Addison first announced them.

The new boats are almost ready for full production. As we are getting close to the release we are starting to see examples of what the actual outfitting will be like. Corran has taken some recent images of the new Soul Waterman outfitting and we are pretty impressed at Unsponsored HQ.

Soul Waterman Outfitting - First Look

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