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GoPro Tech Tips – EP7

GoPro Tech Tips – EP7 with Nick Troutman.

We have finally made it to Colorful Colorado on our road to the Mountain Games, and I have a couple tips on GoPro mounting, settings, and how to get some great shots and step up your game with your GoPro.

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GoPro Hero5 Session – Review

Since the first launch of the GoPro camera a few years ago it is very rare to see a group of paddlers at your local whitewater run or play park and not have at least one paddler wearing one.

GoPro Hero5 Session - Review

At Unsponsored HQ we have used the GoPro range since the first HD version hit UK shores. After a pause in updates GoPro have launched the new Hero5 range of cameras. The Hero5 Black edition (£349) takes on the similar cuboid form factor of previous versions but has dispensed with the housing. The Hero5 Session (£249) takes the Hero Session (now £179) cube form factor and packs a bigger punch.

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Which Memory Card For The GoPro Hero5 Session?

The GoPro Hero5 Session is GoPros latest small from factor POV action camera. Building on the success of the Session GoPro have packed 4k capability and video stabilisation into this small package. This make the Hero5 Session the perfect helmet POV camera.


One of the biggest areas that is overlooked when getting a video/camera setup for trips out is the speed of the your SD or Micro SD card. If you have just picked up one of these news cameras you might well be asking what is the best memory card for the GoPro Hero5 session.

As cameras have become more capable the need for faster cards with greater capacity has become more important.

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Gopro Hero 5 Black Edition Hands On Review (UK)

Friend of Unsponsored Dale Mears has put together a neat little walkthrough review of the new GoPro Hero 5 black edition.

Gopro Hero 5 Black Edition Hands on Review (UK)

Here is my GoPro Hero 5 Black edition hands on review. Features a walk through of the cameras features and some stills taken whilst whitewater kayaking and some raw footage.

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GoPro Hero5 Black – First Look

We have both the GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session here at Unsponsored HQ for review. Since the release of the Session we haven’t used the Unsponsored Hero4 Black edition so I was interested to see how the the new Hero5 compares.

GoPro Hero5 Black

Firstly the Hero5 takes on some of the features of the Session. This includes the lack of case and the use of the frame, one button video/photo and improved sound capabilities. The footage capability of the Hero5 is reportedly not that much different to the Hero4, it does have a better sensor and is supposed to be much better in lowlight so we’ll have a good compare once we have a set of side by side shoots. The biggest improvement has been with image stabilisation and we are looking forwarding to checking that out.

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Which Memory Card For The GoPro Hero5?

One of the biggest areas that is overlooked when getting a video/camera setup for trips out is the speed of the your SD or Micro SD card. Now this doesn’t matter if your camera is a GoPro, Contour, Garmin, Sony or whatever because without a good memory card you may struggle to capture the video footage you want.

As cameras have become more capable the need for faster cards with greater capacity has become more important.


SD Speed Class

The Speed Class Rating is the official unit of speed measurement for all SD cards, including both full and micro sized versions. Speed Class is a minimum speed based on a worst case scenario test and represents the minimum transfer rate of data that the card is capable of.

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GoPro: Introducing HERO5 Black

We have one of the first GoPro Hero5 cameras on its way to Unsponsored HQ. Is this camera going to be a game changer or just another incremental improvement?

GoPro: Introducing HERO5 Black

Capture different with HERO5 Black. Share immersive 4K perspectives that make you feel like you’re there. HERO5 Black makes it easy with its one-button simplicity, convenient touch display and ready-to-go waterproof design. Smooth, stabilized video, crystal-clear audio, and pro-quality photo capture combined with voice control and GPS to make HERO5 Black the most impressive GoPro ever.

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GoPro Hero 5 And Session 5

Today has been a big day in the POV camera world with both GoPro and Nikon announcing new cameras. GoPro have updated the Session (and the price as well – £179.99) and have released the new Hero 5 and Session 5.

GoPro Hero 5 and Session 5

The Hero 5 Session takes on the same form factor as the Hero 4 Session but has greater video and still image abilities. It will retail at £249.99 in the UK.

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GoPro Above And Below Water Housing

Dale Mears has put this clever little GoPro above and below water housing together that is perfect for getting those 50/50 underwater/overwater shots that are often seen online.

GoPro 50/50

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Should I Buy A GoPro Hero 4 Session

There are a great number of POV action cameras out there to choose from. Even GoPro themselves have a bewildering array of options. So you may be asking yourself – Should I Buy A GoPro Hero 4 Session. If you are then this post will hopefully help.

The new GoPro Hero 4 Session landed at Unsponsored HQ almost a year ago. It has seen plenty of regular use (more than my GoPro Hero 4 Black edition). The Session is GoPro’s latest POV action camera and the first to break away from what has been a fairly standard GoPro cuboid shape.

GoPro Hero 4 Session - Review width=

When I purchased the Session the RRP was well over £300. For what it is £300 is too much. However the RRP is now £159 which I think represents good value for money. Read on to find out more.

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Accessories For The GoPro Hero 4 Session

I’ve been looking at the range of GoPro accessories I currently have and have been using successfully with the GoPro Hero 4 Session. I have been using the GoPro range since the Hero 2 so there has been fair bit of trial and error over the years but I think that I have narrowed things down to kit that works and is actually worth getting and for the Session it has been narrowed down even further.

Accessories For The GoPro Hero 4 Session

Now to be fair there isn’t a great of GoPro issue gear that only works with the Session as its battery is fixed, it doesn’t need a case etc. Most accessories will work with the entire GoPro range.

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GoPro Pro Tip – Rafa Ortiz

Rafa Ortiz talks us through taking a shots with a GoPro using a remote and your teeth.

GoPro Pro Tip - Rafa Ortiz

A GoPro remote can even be paired with several cameras at once. This allows the control to fire multiple GoPros at the same time.

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