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Liquidlogic Homeslice

The Liquidlogic Homeslice is now on the Liquidlogic site. Take a jump back to the late 1990s.

Liquidlogic Homeslice

Check it out.

The Retro-Slice revolution is in full swing. We brought you the Party Braaap and Mullet to start it all. Now it’s time to introduce our cartwheel, squirt, splat, surf, flow machine, the Homeslice. We have taken our more than 25 years of slicey boat experience to not only create a boat that you can throw around to your heart’s content but a low volume kayak that you can paddle all day, probably in shoes. Whether you want to take advantage of the full play potential wheeling in holes and carving up waves or create your own course through the eddy lines, seams, and rocks along the entire river your Homeslice will have your back.

The square ended design is spawned from LL’s first freestyle boat, the Session, The squareness creates a faster carving craft and improves looseness on a wave. From there the hull design has an all new progressive rocker with a slight kick behind the seat leading into a stern V-hull to assist in the hard carving and easy spin initiation. What we also learned from all years of small boat design is that it’s time to make a comfortable slicey kayak. The Homeslice has a higher more narrow ergonomic knee position and enough foot room that most people will be able to wear shoes while swapping ends.

It looks like a pretty strong contender for my next playboat. What do you think?


Length 7′ 7″ / 231 CM
Width 26″ / 66 CM
Cockpit Length 34″ / 86 CM
Cockpit Width 20.5″ / 52 CM
Weight 32 LBS / 14.5 kg
Volume 55 Gal / 208 L
Paddler Weight 140 LBS – 220 LBS / 64 kg – 100 kg


  1. didn’t paddle it till now.
    i live in europe..we are waiting!!
    but all information i get, all vids i’ve seen and
    if i would now endeavor a comparison with maybe …… bicycles, i say here is the electro :o)

  2. What kind of elven magic is this?! Paddled a buddy’s last night and it has a LOT going for it! Slicy, throw it around, yeah yeah yeah, but ALSO super comfortable! We’re both at or above the recommended size range, but still completely comfy for the feet and other outfitting. Plus- somehow it both spins easily AND paddles fast and straight when asked to. I love my actual old school slicy boats, but LL has made some huge improvements on the old ideas!

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