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Immersion Research Shawty Drysuit – Review

It’s no secret that in the world of paddling, females are the minority. Therefore it is very hard for us to find comfort in most paddling kits, as they are generally tailored to a male figure. I’m sure many ladies will agree with me that finding a snug fitting yet practical drysuit is probably one of the most challenging parts of being a paddler. But as the female paddling community continues to grow, the increase in women’s kit means a huge improvement in the overall experience for us all.

Immersion Research Shawty

When I first began kayaking, I was 13 years-old and strongly against cold weather paddling. It only took a couple of winter club trips to persuade my Dad that a wetsuit just didn’t cut it. When choosing my first suit, I felt DamX was the best option, as their suits are made to measure. I loved my suit, but as I progressed, I found it to be restricting, mainly due to its weight.

Immersion Research Shawty

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Unsponsored Christmas Special 2016

Christmas day is always a big visitor day here on Unsponsored. In previous years visits go up by around 30%+. Last year was the first time I did a special post and it was very well received. I hope this post goes down at least as well and offers a little bit of escapism to those who need it.

Merry Christmas and happy New year to all. Stay safe and paddle hard!

Looking to watch something?

Check out the edits below.

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Palm Equipment Arun Baselayer – Review

Palm Equipment’s new Arun Baselayer arrived at Unsponsored HQ in May 2015 and has been used on a regular basis since.

The Arun is part of Palm’s new 3 layer system and is available for both men and women. Both retail at £29.95.

From Palm:

Core 1 baselayers use Channel Flow technology to rapidly draw water away from your skin‚ helping to keep you dry‚ warm‚ and comfortable. Made from soft‚ supple polyester‚ with ActiveSeam stitching‚ the Arun moves and stretches as you do‚ for a new level of layering comfort.


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Waka Gangsta Comparison

We have had a huge response to the first look at the new Waka Gangsta we posted yesterday but wouldn’t it be interesting to see how the Gangsta compares with a few other kayaks.

Waka Gangsta Comparison

So here is a Waka Gangsta comparison with the other kayaks in the Waka line up and the very popular Pyranha 9r.

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Pressies For Paddlers 2016

A great deal of outdoor equipment passes through the halls of Unsponsored HQ. Some great, some good and some not so good. As we get closer to the 25th it has now become a little bit of tradition (and to save me answering loads of “What should I get ….. for Christmas, they have just got into kayaking/canoeing/SUP?” type questions via email) to put together a list of gear that paddlers and general outdoors type folk might appreciate as presents at Christmas time.

Present Ideas For Paddlers 2015

So here it is.

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Movie Monday 28 November 2016

Movie Monday 28 November 2016 is right here, right now, heralding the start of the working week. Where did the water go? We have a carefully selected batch of whitewater edits to distract you away from whatever task you would prefer not to be doing.

Movie Monday 278 November 2016

If you like what you see please hit the social media link(s) of your choice and share.

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Immersion Research 2017

You may or may not have noticed that Immersion Research released details of their new designs and updates for 2017 just a few days ago.


What is even better is that if you are based in the UK or Europe you can get hold of some of the new 2017 gear right now, that’s well before the US of A.

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Palm Equipment Current Pogies – First Look

It was surprisingly cold last weekend signalling that winter is well on its way and the winter gear needs to be dug out of the spare gear bag.

Palm Equipment Current Pogies

One of the items placed in the main bag ready for next week is a pair of the Palm Equipment Current pogies. Pogies or paddle mitts are a great way to keep your hands warm/dry. They come in lots of varieties but are normally made from nylon/fleece or neoprene. The Palm Equipment Current pogies are made from 200D nylon and have a micro fleece liner.

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Dewerstone Orton Signature Model Sunglasses – First Look

Dewerstone have teamed up with pro kayaker Bren Orton to develop the Orton wooden sunglass with Carl Zeiss polarised lens.


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Some Thoughts On Fear

I have been asked many times about the notion of fear and how to push the doors open and walk in a pasture free from fear. Below are some thoughts, these thoughts are a work in progress.

Many say that they feel fear when on the water. They feel scared, nervous of the rapids they are set to descend. How we deal with this fear is important, for it is the only guidance that we shall ever need.

Unsponsored (8)

In order to discuss the fear, first off we need to examine what is fear, or more precisely where it is manifest. Only then can we aim to control this. Fear of things we have control over is ludicrous. This is like saying ‘I am scared of cancer’ whilst puffing on 40 cigs a day. Whist fear of things we cannot control is posited with anxiety. If we cannot influence events, it is this lack of control that we fear, so to say, we fear been out of control. Although again this is looking awry. We let our children stumble from all fours to two, wobbling with each step of exploration. We allow the hooded darkness of inner city streets to grow with crime. We vote for a political system that will fail and yet we bypass this fear. We allow it to hold our hands through our daily lives. We accept this fear. Our true fear is a fear of our own making, not the making of a collected consciousness. When we allow fear to form from a collected ideal, we can no longer accept responsibility for it, its something else, somebody else – will take responsibility for it.

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Silverbirch Covert Tandem – Prototype

UK based Silverbirch have been developing a new version of their super popular Covert OC1. The Silverbirch Covert Tandem retains the original Coverts superb handling but has been increased in size to take another paddler.

SilverBirch Covert Tandem

The Covert tandem at this stage is very much a prototype but Silverbirch will be bringing this to the market once the design has been further developed and tweaked.

SilverBirch Covert Tandem

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Top Tips – Swimming In Whitewater

Jake shows us just what to do if you end up in the swimming in whitewater without your craft of choice.

Top Tips - Swimming In Whitewater

Whitewater kayakers have a saying, ‘We’re all between swims’. Whether you’re a whitewater paddler or not, everybody should know what to do if you end up in a fast moving river.

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